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Melahn Creative Branding Demystified

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Melahn Creative Branding Demystified

  1. 1. BrandingDemystified
  2. 2. What Is A Brand?Brand is the promise, the big idea, and the expectationsthat reside within each customer’s mind about a product,service or company.Brand is the personality of an organization.A Brand is not aLogoCorporate IdentityProductCompanyStrategy
  3. 3. Why Have BrandsBecome Important?Bottom line: good brands build companiesand add value.Products are created in the factory.Brands are created in the mind.Walter LandorFounder Landor Associates
  4. 4. Brand TouchpointsEach touchpoint is an opportunity to strengthen a brandand communicate its meaning.
  5. 5. When Is A Brand Needed ?What a new identity can do What a new identity can’t do• Express the kind of organization • Make people act you are • Change people’s minds• Reassure the public that you are • Make new friends who you say you are • Embody every message• Connect your organization to to everyone images and ideas • Respond to current events• Serve as the consistent element that builds equity over time• Provide consistency over communications channel
  6. 6. Why Invest In Brand Identity?Make it easier for the customer to buyMake it easier for the sales force to sellMake it easier to build brand equityBrands help customers cut through the proliferationof choices available in every product or service category.Scott M. DavisBrand Asset Management
  7. 7. Ideals OverviewThese ideals hold true whether launching a new brand,resetting on older brand, or as a result of a merger. coherence meaning sustainability vision differentiation value authenticity commitment flexibility
  8. 8. VisionA compelling vision by an effective, articulate, and passionateleader is the foundation and inspiration for the best brands.
  9. 9. MeaningThe best brands stand for something; a big idea,a defined set of values and a voice that stands apart.
  10. 10. SustainabilitySustainability is the capacity of a brand identityto last in an ever-changing environment. .
  11. 11. CommitmentAn effective brand identity is tied directly to management’s desireto nurture it. Identity systems must be clearly supported by thecompany’s management and be enforced, and monitored whennecessary.We recognize the value of a disciplined approach to building,protecting and enhancing our brand.David GuerraBrand Management DirectorErnst & Young
  12. 12. ValueWithin a company a brand identity has value whenit is viewed by senior management as an important asset.A Strong Brand Commands A PremiumValue as a symbolValue as an assetCommitment to value is ongoingValue is preserved through legal protectionValued by marketing
  13. 13. Our BeliefA brand that makes consumers experiencea positive feeling is the one that makes themopen their hearts, and their wallets.A Brand. My Brand.
  14. 14. Our Past &Present Work
  15. 15. Advertising CampaignWells Fargo
  16. 16. Advertising CampaignHometown HealthAd & BrochurePostcard& Billboard
  17. 17. Advertising CampaignIGT get out in front. You try to keep up, but life has other ideas. You read more, you talk to people. You know that the future is an open network, but will you be ready when it arrives? Reality is closer than you think. Only IGT offers the open architecture, networked floor and server- based gaming vision and functionality all designed to make your games and systems work together seamlessly. You have an appointment with the future. Don’t be late. The Right Vision. Right now & for the future. To learn more about IGT’s vision of the networked gaming future, visit: www.IGT.com/Open © 2008 IGT. All rights reserved. or call 702-669-7777
  18. 18. Thank YouContact Kevin Melahn kevin@melahncreative.com 775.544.9920 All rights reserved
  19. 19. About UsKevin MelahnKevin Melahn has been part of the communications design revolution of the last quarter century fromletterpress to Wordpress®. With a BFA in Communications Design from the prestigious Parsons Schoolof Design, he started his career as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, working on print andtelevision advertising for Merrill Lynch, Owens Corning and Bosch.Since moving to northern Nevada, Kevin went on to work as a Senior Art Director at DRGM Advertising, whoseclients included Bally’s, Nevada Economic Development, the Nevada State Commission on Tourism, and theRSCVA. Kevin then went onto serving as Associate Creative at Trahan, Burden & Charles, where he led in therebranding of Harrah’s Casino.Prior to starting Melahn Creative, Kevin was the Creative Director at International Game Technology in Reno.There he led a creative team that evolved the company’s marketing communications department from atechnical services group into a full-service in-house enterprise focused on brand development.Since leaving IGT, Kevin has begun a brand development consultancy, Melahn Creative. Using his 35 yearsof branding, advertising and design experience, Kevin Melahn works with large or small organizations inanalyzing their brand, and offer solutions to move their brand forward. This may include logo development,recommendations of various media platforms and social networking opportunities and other services.Kevin also has a network of talented designers, copywriters, photographers, and web developers who jointhe creative effort as needed.