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Day 3 - 8613.pptx

  1. Research Project 8613
  2. Some important points to remember • Only HANDWRITTEN manual will be uploaded (max of 5 MB file). Typed work will be graded ZERO. • The manual can be downloaded from your LMS 8613 portal • There is space on top for your roll number on each page. You MUST write your Roll No. in the given box on each page of your work. Otherwise, you will get zero marks. • You MUST get your topic approved from your supervisor till February 10. No late approval will be accepted. • No language other than English will be accepted for writing your project report.
  3. • No extension in submission date – in any case whatsoever, so you need to submit your work on your LMS portal as soon as you complete your work. • Don’t wait for the last date
  4. Paid Work / Copied Work • Conducting action research and writing its report is a simple task, especially under the supervision of an expert. No need to panic and waste your precious money in buying from market. • University has devised a very strict policy to discourage such activities. If University gets any clue that you have uploaded a paid work, you will be debarred for at least a period of 03 years. So please avoid it. The same policy is for copied work. If two students upload the same work, both will be debarred.
  5. Today……… • We will discuss how to develop TOPIC for your research project
  6. Main components of a topic • Your topic for this project should contain three important things 1. What are you going to do? 2. How are you going to do? 3. To whom are you going to involve? (the participants)
  7. What are you going to do? • Suppose, you have selected ‘'Digital Literacy'’ as a sub-theme, and you want to develop 'Digital Literacy' among children then we will start our topic as “Developing 'Digital Literacy' …..”
  8. How are you going to do? • Suppose, you have selected ‘'Digital Literacy'’ as a sub-theme, you will search ‘how to develop 'Digital Literacy' among students’ on Google. You will find many techniques to develop 'Digital Literacy' among students. Select any one of the technique…. For example, you select ‘ABC’ as a technique to develop 'Digital Literacy'. Then, by combining it with the previous slide, the topic will be….. “Developing 'Digital Literacy' though ABC Technique…..”
  9. To whom are you going to involve? (the participants) • Now we need to add one more thing in our topic…. The participants • Suppose, we are going to develop 'Digital Literacy' among class VII students, we will add it in our topic so our topic will be “Developing 'Digital Literacy' though ABC Technique Among Grade 7 Students”
  10. Follow this pattern Developing / Enhancing / Improving / Removing ___________________ (selected sub-theme) Through / using ___________________ (selected technique) Among __________________ (class / age of the students you are going to work with)
  11. It is mandatory to use one of the given sub-themes in your topic (exact wording of the sub-theme as given by the University)
  12. Let’s Start Our Work…