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Client Attraction Matrix #2 - Creating A Great Lead Bait

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The better a business's lead bait is, the more customer they can attract. Here are some tips to create a killer lead bait from Maverick Mentoring for Business.

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Client Attraction Matrix #2 - Creating A Great Lead Bait

  1. 1. Client Attraction Matrix: Creating a Great Lead Bait
  2. 2.  
  3. 3.  Everybody loves a bargain  price reduction is the way to go for more attention  The discount should be powerful enough to engage attention, but at the same time able retain its believability  20% – 50% 1. Price Reduction
  4. 4. “Scarce products are more desirable”  include scarcity = increase the desire for products in customer’s mind 2. Scarcity – Limited Time, Limited Number
  5. 5. 3. Bonuses  A bonus is one of the most powerful elements to include in a lead bait.  A value should be attached to the bonus.
  6. 6. 4. A Guarantee  An unconditional money back guarantee is the best option.  Note that the guarantee period & the amount of claims are inversely proportional
  7. 7. 5. A Specific Tangible Benefit Examples:  “Drop 5 kilos in 20 days!”  “Get 6.5 on your IELTS test in 60 days!”
  8. 8. The more criteria you have the better, but remember to choose wisely and with moderation to avoid information overload and loss of credibility.
  9. 9. Questions, Comments or Clarification? Contact: Maverick Mentoring For Business Email: peter@maverickmentoringforbusiness.com.au Phone: 61 3 9005 8275