Informal letter M. van Eijk

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10. Mar 2015

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Informal letter M. van Eijk

  2. Here you can read about how to write Informal letters in English. I will provide you with examples of opening and closing sentences (how to end a letter), address, date, and the signature, but also advice with respect to the structure and the content of such a personal letter. Below you can also find pre-written samples of complete letters.
  3. WHAT IS AN INFORMAL LETTER? What is an Informal letter written in English? It is a letter that is written in a personal fashion. You can write an informal English letters to relatives or friends, but also to other people with whom you have a personal/informal way of communicating.
  4. WHAT ELEMENTS DOES THE LETTER INCLUDE?  Address  Date  Opening  Text / Body / Content  Closing / End  Signature
  5. BODY OR CONTENT (TEXT) When writing an informal letter in English you should use personal/friendly language. However, it remains important to adjust your use of language to the person you are writing to. A good way of assessing how you should write is thinking about how you would interact with each other in real life.
  6. In the first paragraph of your body you state your reason of writing. In the second and following paragraphs you say what you have promised to say in the first paragraph. And in the final paragraphs you make some concluding remarks.
  7. OPENING OF AN INFORMAL LETTER IN ENGLISH How to address someone in English? This is fairly straight forward. It is usually not of the same importance as with a business or formal letter, but it still is relevant. There are a few things that you should know about how to address someone properly in an informal letter. First of all, in England there is not . behind Mr., but in American letters there is. Secondly, you should know that women are addressed with Mrs. when they are married, and with Ms. when they are not.
  8. EXAMPLES OF HOW TO OPEN AN INFORMAL LETTER IN ENGLISH This depends on how well you know the person in question. You should carefully consider your relationship with the person concerned. You could simply say: Hi Mark, but it is always safer to just say Dear ,. Never forget the comma!
  9. OPENING SENTENCES FOR AN INFORMAL LETTER IN ENGLISH Examples of opening sentences Opening sentences of an Informal letter should be casual. Not so stiff as in Business letters. For examples of more formal opening sentences you should check out my business letter article. How are you? How have you been? How is life treating you? How are the kids? I hope you are doing well I hope you, Mike and the kids are having a great time in ...
  10. MORE OPENING SENTENCES More examples of opening sentences Thanks for your letter. Lovely to hear from you. How are things? Hope you're well. I'm sorry to hear/learn ... I'm so pleased to hear ... It's great to hear ... What wonderful news about ...
  11. MORE OPENING SENTENCES More examples of opening sentences Thank you for contacting me regarding your concern over [situation X] We are sending the information about XX that you requested in your letter of [date] I was pleased to receive your invitation I'm writing to express appreciation for your cooperation (support, assistance)
  12. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT Previous contact Thanks for your e-mail. Re your e-mail,... Sorry, I haven't written for ages, but I've been really busy. Reason for writing Just a short note about... I'm writing about... Here's wanted. I got your name from... Please note that...
  13. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT Giving information Just a note to say... We can confirm that... Good news! Unfortunately,... Asking for information Can you tell me a little more about... I'd like to know... Please send me...
  14. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT Requests Please could you... Could you...? Can I have...? I'd appreciate your help on this. Could you possibly … ? Promising action I'll... I'll look into it. I'll get back to you soon.
  15. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT When we agree to a request someone has made I will be happy to … . Offering help Do you want me to...? Shall I...? Let me know if you'd like me to...
  16. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT When apologising Sorry for the delay in replying. I am/We are very sorry … . Sorry for any trouble caused. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused. I apologize for the delay. I promise it won’t happen again. I’m sorry, but I can’t make it to the meeting.
  17. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT When giving bad news I am sorry to have to tell you that … . Unfortunately … . When complaining I would like to complain about … . I wanted to inform you about … . I’m sorry to say that you’re late with the payments. I hope you won’t mind me saying that the place you’d recommended to us wasn’t as nice as we’d expected.
  18. TEXT / BODY / CONTENT ATTACHING FILES I’m attaching/sending you the holiday photos. Sorry, but I can’t open it. Can you send it again in … format?
  19. ENDING AN INFORMAL LETTER IN ENGLISH Final comments Thanks again for... Let me know if you need anything else. Just give me a call if you have any questions. My number is...
  20. ENDING AN INFORMAL LETTER IN ENGLISH Examples of closing sentences - how to end an informal letter in English? Signalling the end Bye for now, I’ll finish now as I’m running out of space, I must go no, I´d better get going Closing sentences I can't wait to hear from you, I am looking forward to seeing you, I can't wait to see you soon, I am looking forward to hearing from you, I hope to be hearing from you soon, See you soon, Send my love to .. I hope you are doing well, Give my regards to.., Talk to you later!
  21. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE Here you can be pretty free in your choice of ending your letter. In informal letter writing, the complimentary close is always very friendly. Here are some examples: Best wishes, an Kind regards, Best regards, Lots of love, Love, Lots of love, Missing you lots, Yours forever,
  22. POST SCRIPT Use P.S. to add a short message after the complimentary close. Use it especially to write down something that you may have forgotten in the body of the letter. Etymology: from the Latin, "written afterwards"
  23. FORMAT INFORMAL LETTER  Nathan Filmore 21, East View Apartments 4567, Oak Road Orange County Los Angeles - 213647 Dear Linda First Paragraph Second Paragraph With lots of love Nathan  P.S.
  24. FORMAT INFORMAL LETTER 32-A, Charlton Dr, North Birmingham, NSW 2065 23 March, 2015 Hello Samanna, How are you and the girls? Thanks again for giving me Brian's number. He will help me with my presentation. You know what? The other day I bumped into Greg. He has made it pretty big, and owns several restaurants. I have to go to the market, so will stop writing now. Looking forward to meeting you all during the Christmas break. Give my love to Nat and the kids. Warm regards, Anne
  25. EXAMPLE INFORMAL LETTER 10 October 2015 Dear Ian, Hope you are well. I'm writing to you, yet again, in your capacity as "Answer Man." One of our Zadkine teachers has just e-mailed me to see if Ihave any more information on “CITO listening tests" which are to be administered soon. I have no information about any such tests.   Do you? If so, could you please let me know. Thank you kindly. Best regards, Salma
  26. EXAMPLE INFORMAL LETTER 10 October 2015 Dear Jane,I hope you are feeling better Are you able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine? We all miss you in the office and look forward to your return. There have been a fewchanges since you went into hospital. Eric Johnson has now retired (lucky man) andMatthew has taken over Eric's job. He is struggling at the moment. He hopes you willreturn soon to rescue him from the muddle. I thought you would like the book I'm sending you with this letter I saw it in the bookshop and thought it would make you laugh. I know you 've always wanted to livein Greece. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and find time to read it before you return towork  Take it easy and look after yourself I'll write again soon. Best regards Sheila P.S. You’re the best!
  27. EXAMPLE INFORMAL LETTER  16 April 2015  Dear Karen,  Hope you are well and that the second semester is going smoothly for   you.  The other day when we were talking at the bus stop you mentioned a web page on which Linda Holkenson detailed her reasons for leaving.  If you don't mind, would you send me the URL for that web page if you still have it?  Thanks a lot.  Best regards, Louis
  28. EXAMPLE INFORMAL LETTER27 April 2015 Hi Everyone, In order to celebrate my new life in New York, I would like to invite you to a special house warming party. When: Friday, 15 May, 2015 at 8 pm Where: 5th Avenue – 25th street I would like to request that everyone bring something for 4 to 6 people to eat or drink. Please RSVP as soon as you can so that I can estimate how many people will be here and what everyone will bring. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours, Sara Martina P.S. Stay cool!