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Sample Personal Statement

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Sample Personal Statement

  1. 1. Samantha Knox – Personal Statement I first heard the term “physical therapy” when I was a child. My older cousin had a brain aneurism and relied on therapy in order to learn how to walk again. I did not know the science or profession behind the work. All I knew was that my cousin was slowly being healed. Now, years later, I am ready to take the magic of that moment and develop it into a career. I want to be a physical therapist because helping people always makes me feel like I am making the most out of life. I want to be able to leave behind a legacy of inspiration. I currently work as a health coach and have already enjoyed the satisfaction of motivating individuals to improve their lives. I also have chosen physical therapy as my career path because I am driven by the idea of fixing things. As a volunteer at Camp Camp, I provide physically challenged children with a solution to experiencing outdoor activities previously out of reach. What is seemingly impossible to these children, I help turn into a reality. Finally, physical therapy stands out for me in its connectedness with the patient population. I want to be not only a solution to a singular problem, but a guide for the future and healer for the past. I cannot think of another profession which will provide me with the foundation to change lives in such a personal and profound way. I should be admitted into the physical therapy program at ___________ because of my passion for the profession. For me, entering the profession of physical therapy is much more than a simple career choice and has required that I overcome obstacles. As the first of three children to graduate with a degree, achieving my Bachelor of Science from the University of Denver was a major accomplishment. During my years at the university, I studied Electrical Engineering. It was a major that I felt would lead me to a prestigious career and something that would make my family proud. However, I soon realized that I was not passionate about Electrical Engineering. It took a lot of courage to stop the pursuit of a profession that would have brought me success. I spent some time soul-searching by way of volunteering. It was at this time that I decided to make the switch to Kinesiology and pursue a new career. I have spent a significant amount of time arriving at this decision. I have not only thought about other career options, but have pursued them as well. Still, I come back to my original thought of entering the field of physical therapy and I am 100% confident that I will excel in this program. If accepted, I would contribute my determination, motivation and personality to every aspect of the program. Academically, I will continue to excel in my classes. My volunteering will be woven into my experience so that I can bring that inspiration to the program. I will use my life experiences and family to motivate me to push myself further. Finally, I will do all of these things not alone, but as part of a community of professors and students. I plan on interacting with peers to gain further insight into other aspects of this career as well as sharing my story along the way. I am determined to succeed in a career that I feel happy doing every day. As a child, when my cousin used physical therapy to learn to walk again, I did not realize it could be a future career. To me, it was more magical; an unexplainable occurrence that changed someone’s life. Although I have since developed a much more mature take on the events of my childhood and understand the science behind the phenomenon, I still sense a bit of magic when I daydream about how far I have come and where I am about to go. I am fortunate to have found a profession that will continue to inspire me to wake up every day and make something good happen.