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Matt Gentile Bio 2013

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Matt Gentile Bio 2013

  1. 1. Matt Gentile, Director, Public Relations and Social Media Century 21 Real Estate LLCGentile leads the public relations and social media marketing (PR/SM) efforts forCentury 21 Real Estate, the largest residential real estate sales organization inthe world comprised of approximately 7,000 independently owned and operatedfranchised brokerage offices and more than 100,000 sales associates in over 73countries and territories worldwide.Since assuming the role in 2008, Gentile has established key performanceindicators for the PR/SM function based on media impressions and engagement,as well as quantitative and qualitative goals for media opportunities, share ofvoice and leads. Highlights include leading the promotion of the 2012 and 2013Super Bowl ad campaigns which generated over 2.5 billion earned and ownedmedia impressions; directing social media efforts which resulted in taking aleadership position in audience size among national real estate franchisecompanies on Facebook and Twitter, and directing content strategy and appdevelopment which enabled the Facebook platform to be recognized as a top 10lead generation site back to century21.com twice in 2012. In addition, Gentiledevelops leadership messaging and supports global growth initiatives.Prior to his current post, Gentile served as a senior communications manager forFlorida’s largest real estate company from 2004 - 2008. He was responsible fordeveloping messaging for statewide marketing campaigns, leadershipcommunications and publicity for the company, its managers and agents.He enhanced his writing, digital marketing and management capabilities whileserving in the technology marketing departments of Arthur Andersen andPricewaterhouseCoopers from 1998 - 2004. He earned his Masters of Arts inOrganizational Management while working full-time for Andersen.Gentile’s career in public relations and communications management began in1991 with The Rendon Group, an international strategic communications firmbased in Washington D.C. As an account executive, he developed and executedstrategic communication plans to meet key objectives of both public and privateclients including: African National Congress, Bell Atlantic, IBM (Saudi Arabia),Iraqi National Congress, Kuwait National Guard andKuwait PetroleumCorporation.
  2. 2. Education: Gentile earned his B.S. in Communications from Clarion Universityof Pennsylvania in 1991 and his Masters in Organizational Management from theUniversity of Phoenix (Tampa) in 2000.Philanthropy: From 2004 – 2008, Gentile served as Co-Chair of the ColdwellBanker CARES Foundation, where he led an initiative to sponsor and build 14Habitat for Humanity homes throughout the state of Florida from 2005-2007.Currently, he is actively involved with an effort to raise funds for Easter Seals’programs to support returning veterans. To date the CENTURY 21 System hasraised over $106 million on behalf of Easter Seals.He currently resides in Long Valley, NJ with his wife and two sons.Contact via Mobile: 973-647-9042