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My monster.

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  1. 1. Nosferatu By Talia Granato
  2. 2. The Nosferatu is a type of vampire that doesn't resemble humans. He has appeared in the “Nosferatu Murnau”. Who Autor Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau wanted to make a film adaptation of the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker, but the study failed to gain the rights to the story. So they decided to film their own version of the novel, but they changed the names.
  3. 3. When and Where The history started in 1838 in Transilvania. The film was released at 1922 in Germany, for F. W. Murnau. History Film
  4. 4. How Nosferatu have bat ears, nose holes, tumors, they have bald and deformed head...
  5. 5. What Hutter and his wife Ellen are a young couple who lives in the city of Wisborg in 1838, one day a real estate agent called Knock Hutter sent to Transylvania to close a deal with Count Orlok. This is the sale of a property of Wisborg, beside the house of Hutter. During the long journey, Hutter overnight at an inn, where leafing through an old treatise on vampires in your room. Once at the castle, it is received by the sinister Count. The next day dawns Hutter with two small marks on his neck, which he interprets as mosquito bites. After signing the contract, he discovers that the count is actually a vampire. Seeing him leave for their new home, afraid by Ellen Hutter.
  6. 6. Thanks for your attention