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Bug Bounty HQ

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Considering a bug bounty - Bug Bounty HQ has many models available to suit all requirements and budgets.

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Bug Bounty HQ

  1. 1. What is Bug Bounty HQ • Scalable IT Security Auditing Company • Employ’s zero consultants • Provide a 95% ROI for security testing • Products available to suit all requirements & budgets
  2. 2. Bug Bounty HQ Products
  3. 3. Products • Open Platform – a bug bounty open to all registered researchers • Consultancy Platform – a bug bounty ONLY open to registered security consultancy companies • Internal Platform – an employee based bug bounty program
  4. 4. Products • Fixed Platform – a bug bounty with various prize pools for a fixed duration. Perfect for limited budgets • Independent Platform - already written for your own Bug Bounty. Installed and ran independently on your own network • IMPACT – very quick bug bounty to test security perimeter and in house processes handling vulnerability submissions.
  5. 5. Why Bug Bounty HQ • Founded by world renowned security researcher & prominent Bug Hunter • Co-Founded two successful IT security consultancy companies (both acquired) • Understands the security needs of companies • Understands the needs of the researcher
  6. 6. Why Bug Bounty HQ • Models to suit your requirements • Very focused on researcher success • Successful researcher = successful program • Some platforms too focused on client • Wrong ! – without happy / successful researchers a bug bounty program will not achieve its intended goal • Strict NON-Disclosure policy on vulnerabilities
  7. 7. Additional Aids OWASP Methodology Check lists
  8. 8. Additional Aids A simple, but useful program blog
  9. 9. Additional Aids Offer a Capture the Flag Challenge to generate more interest
  10. 10. Additional Aids Simple well laid out Bug Reporting
  11. 11. Additional Aids Granulated Search Features Many more features available
  12. 12. For more information https://www.bugbountyhq.com Contact: enquire[at]bugbountyhq[dot]com