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What is the purpose of Sprint planning meeting in Agile?

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What is the purpose of the Sprint planning meeting?
When you’re working within an agile management framework, you accomplish discrete tasks within the framework of a sprint. On the first day of each sprint the scrum team holds the sprint planning meeting.

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What is the purpose of Sprint planning meeting in Agile?

  2. 2. The Purpose of Sprint Planning Establish goals for your sprint Choose the user stories that support those goals Create a sprint backlog
  3. 3. Who does it? Scrum Master Product Owner Agile Team
  4. 4. Definition Discuss and set a sprint goal. The sprint goal should be an overall description supported by the highest-priority user stories in the product backlog. Review the user stories from the product backlog Determine what the team can commit to in the current sprint.
  5. 5. The Planning Steps 1. The Product Owner describes the highest ranked product backlog item 2. The team determines the tasks necessary to complete that product backlog item 3. Team members volunteer to own the tasks 4. Task owners estimate the ideal hours they need to finish their task 5. Planning continues while the team can commit to delivery without exceeding capacity
  6. 6. Working with remote teams? Skype Hang out Virtual boards
  7. 7. Mario Lucero – Agile Coach Email: agilecoach@mariolucero.cl Twitter: metlucero Blog: http:://www.mariolucero.cl