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Yld 2019 year in review

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2019 Young Lawyers Division Chair Jennifer L. Ligon presents the VBA Young Lawyers Division Year in Review for 2019. This highlights the successes and initiatives of The Virginia Bar Association's YLD.

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Yld 2019 year in review

  1. 1. YLD 2019 Year-in-Review JENNIFER L. LIGON 2019 YLD CHAIR
  2. 2. 2019 Goals  Collaborate with key stakeholders throughout the state to deepen understanding of the YLD, to motivate new lawyers to join, and to re-energize existing members to stay active: • The YLD collaborated with the Virginia State Bar’s Young Lawyers Conference to host two Wills for Heroes programs, collectively serving 53 clients (33 first responders and 20 spouses). The May 2019 Wills for Heroes event received national recognition from the American Bar Association for its service to the public. • In addition, several members of the YLD’s Executive Board collaborated with Elizabeth Derrico, our strategic planning consultant, to discuss ways in which the VBA can continue to invest in and support the YLD.
  3. 3. 2019 Goals • The YLD’s eight Law School Councils were exceedingly active, enrolling 50% more law students in the VBA in 2019 than in 2018 (238 in 2019 as of early December versus 156 in 2018). o Lunch and learns o March madness parties o Hikes to the tops of mountains with trusty leadership This is a great step toward connecting law students and young lawyers and building relationships that benefit young professionals and the VBA as a whole.
  4. 4. Increased YLD age-out to 40 years  The YLD was recognized on a national level in August, earning four Awards of Achievement from the American Bar Association (winning in all categories for which we applied): • Single project – Service to the Bar: VBA YLD Spring Meeting CLEs • Single project – Service to the Public: Wills for Heroes • Newsletter: Opening Statement (fourth year in a row) • Comprehensive (a maximum of five projects can be submitted in this category) o Law School Wellness Summit o Virginia Hispanic Chamber Clinics o Various Law School Council events o Model Judiciary Program More Successes in 2019… Earned 4 ABA Awards of Achievement Well-attended spring meeting in Richmond and fall meeting in Roanoke
  5. 5. YLD Awards at the Banquet  The Emerson G. Spies Award recognizes an individual for enthusiasm, loyalty, and dedication during a given year. Awarded to Craig Hoovler • Joined Executive Board last year • Took ownership of Legislative Committee • Attended our meetings with enthusiasm, consistently bringing new ideas to the table • Proposed increasing the YLD’s age-out age from 37 to 40 • Proposed regional social chairs, which we’ve since implemented  The Sandra P. Thompson Award recognizes an individual for outstanding work and long-term service. Awarded to Andrew Stockment
  6. 6. Looking Ahead to 2020 Chair: Madelaine Kramer, counsel at Sands Anderson, PC in McLean • Focuses her practice on litigation • Lifeguard and swim instructor in prior life At the Executive Board meeting, we will vote on the nominating committee’s candidates: • Chair-Elect: Frank Cragle, partner at Hirschler in Richmond ◦ Focuses his practice on corporate disputes ◦ Has been filmed in two movies – Spielberg’s Lincoln, and Loving (winner of the 2016 Cannes film festival), where he ironically played an attorney, and two TV shows – TURN and Mercy Street • Secretary/Treasurer: Kristen Jurjevich, partner at Pender & Coward in Virginia Beach ◦ Won 2019 Emerson G. Spies Award
  7. 7. Looking Ahead to 2020 • Welcomed two members to our Executive Board ◦ Alicha Grubb –Southwest Division Representative  Associate at Gentry Locke in Roanoke (commercial litigation) ◦ Hetal Challa – Tidewater Division Representative  Has her own family law and mediation firm in Virginia Beach
  8. 8. 2020 YLD Executive Board Madelaine A. Kramer Franklin R. Cragle Kristen R. Jurjevich Jennifer L. Ligon R. Patrick Bolling Graham K. Bryant Hetal Challa Emily GomesJoseph A. Figueroa Craig A. William D. Prince, Michael W. Daniel R. Sullivan