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Goyal orchid whitefield pdf

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The development advances over an extensive area and houses 2, 3 BHK apartments skillfully designed for urban living. The residential units are attentively engineered to make best usage of available space and are brimmed with fresh air and sunlight reaching all corners of the house. The amenities attached with this project are life-enhancing and residents would undoubtedly be elated with them.

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Goyal orchid whitefield pdf

  1. 1. Bangalore Prop HOME FOR YOU Call us @+91-8861265544
  2. 2. Goyal Orchid Whitefield Bangalore
  3. 3. The solution Goyal Orchid Whitefield Whitefield Hoskote Main Road, Shigehalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560067 Call@+91-8861265544
  4. 4. Overview This residential venture is developed in collosal land area. Residential Blocks are built over this huge developmental area, which itselfs sprawls across 7 Acres land and designed with such an elegance they exhibit the excellence of the architectural design with the combination of the rich natural environment, along with the modern technology which is a must in latest developments. Residential Units of this project is enriched with all necessary features and all modern day amenities included with the project ensuring that the residents can enjoy every tick of the clock with pleasure with out any interference from the external disturbance.
  5. 5. Quick Facts Type : Apartments Stage : Pre Launch Rate Per sq ft : Rs 4290/- No. of Units : 492 Units Land area : 7 Acres Zone : East Bangalore Unit Type : 1,2, 2.5 & 3 BHK Total Floors : G + 18 Floor Approval : BDA/BBMP SBA : 524 sqft - 1639 sqft Total Towers : 5 Towers
  6. 6. Location Map
  7. 7. Master Plan
  8. 8. Floor Plans
  9. 9. Bangalore Real Estate ●2BHK Apartments ●3BHK Apartments
  10. 10. Why now?
  11. 11. Customers Bangalore Prop Builders
  12. 12. About Us Our objective is to promptly provide our clients an exposure to the current trends and emerging patterns in the real estate domain that will help them make better and informed decisions. We provide residential property solutions inclusive of apartments, villas and plots. We are uniquely positioned in the real estate domain for our service. 20XX 20XX 20XX 20XX
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  14. 14. For Booking and more Information Call@+91-8861265544 OR Visit Website: www.goyalorchidwhitefield.org.in/