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Exam 70-488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Learning Resources

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The presentation will help you to study for the beta exam it includes the exam objectives and the resources online cover this objectives.

have a look and tell me what you think and if this help you in your study and shall I create the next one for Exam 70-489 ?

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  • Thank You for this study guide, this help me a lot
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  • Great study guide, thank you for posting!
    what does it mean

    'this objective may include but not limited to....'
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  • Why save is disabled?
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Exam 70-488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Learning Resources

  1. 1. dev.mhamed@gmail.commahmoud.hamed@itworx.com @mhamedmahmoudhttp://eg.linkedin.com/in/mahmoudhamedmahmoudMahmoudHamed
  2. 2. Delayed site collection<Select template later…> Create an empty site and pick a template later timeSPSiteCollection.Add("/sites/site1", "SharePoint", null, 1033, null, "administrator", "Administrator","admin@contoso.com")Manage site collection dispositionSite Policy in SharePoint (Blog Post)ProjectPolicy.CloseProject(SPWeb web)ProjectPolicy.GetCurrentlyAppliedProjectPolicyOnWebIdentify inactive site collectionsSPSite.LastContentModifiedDateSPSite.LastSecurityModifiedDateHow to: Programmatically Back Up and Restore a Single Site Collection (SDK)SPSiteCollection.Backup() SPSiteCollection.Restore()Data Protection and Recovery (SDK) [SPBackupRestoreConsole]
  3. 3. Subscribe to published content typesHow to: Customize Content Type Syndication in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)ContentTypePublisherChoose appropriate content type creation, use Schema Development, create content types usingObject ModelContent Types (SDK)Create site columnsColumns (SDK)Content type inheritanceSPContentType classWhere a content type is used as the basis for another content typeSPContentTypeUsage classSpecifies a content type to provision on a list (SDK) (ContentTypeBinding Element)
  4. 4. Manage Event Receivers (Code/XML)Events in SharePoint Foundation 2010(SDK)Manage Workflow AssociationsSPContentType.WorkflowAssociations propertyManage PoliciesPolicy ClassManaging Information Management Policy in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM) (SDK)Document TemplatesDocumentTemplate Element (ContentType) (SDK)Managing Document Templates with Content Types and Content Type Hub (Blog Post)Deploying a Document Template file in Content Type in a (Office365) Sandboxed Solution (BlogPopst)<XmlDocuments><XmlDocumentNamespaceURI="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/events"><Receivers><Receiver><Name>ItemAdded</Name><Type>ItemAdded</Type><Class>Guid From Above</Class><SequenceNumber>1</SequenceNumber></Receiver><Receivers></XmlDocument></XmlDocuments>And you must set the <ContentType Inherits=“FALSE"
  5. 5. Create site definitionsOverview of Creating Custom Site Definitions (SDK)Site Definitions and Configurations (SDK)Create web templatesWeb Templates (SDK)How to: Create a Custom Web Template (SDK)Feature staplingFeature/Site Template AssociationImplement custom provisioning codeSPWebProvisioningProvider classThe mystery that is SPWebProvisioningProvider (Blog Post)
  6. 6. Create a custom claims providerCreating Custom Claims Providers in SharePoint 2010 (SDK Technical Articles)Package and deploy a custom claims providerCreating Custom Claims Providers in SharePoint 2010 (SDK Technical Articles)SPClaimProviderFeatureReceiverCreate a custom membership provider & package and deploy a custom membership providerClaims Walkthrough: Creating Forms Based Authentication for Claims Based SharePoint 2010Web Applications Using Custom Membership and Role Providers (SDK Technical Articles)A little note to self about custom Membership and Role Providers (Blog Post)Create custom sign in pageCreating a Custom Login Page for SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)Authenticate a user from a client applicationAuthentication methods for SharePoint Client object model (Blog Post)Using the Client Object Model with a Claims Based Auth Site in SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)
  7. 7. SharePoint App TokenHelper classSharePoint 2013 TokenHelper.cs source code (Blog Post)Authorization and authentication for apps in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)App permission request scope manifest and permission request manifestApp authorization policy types in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)App permissions in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Plan app permissions management in SharePoint 2013 (TechNet)<AppPermissionRequests> <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web/list" Right="Write"/></AppPermissionRequests>Permissions for Office Store AppsOnly Read, Write, and Manage rights are allowed for Office Store appsPermission request scopes, available rights, and Office Store (SDK)Specify permissions for Corporate Catalog Apps, specify permissions for remote apps to accessSharePoint dataApp permissions in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Build apps for SharePoint (SDK)
  8. 8. Create custom role definitions & create custom permission levelsSPRoleDefinition classSPRoleAssignment classImplement ImpersonationImpersonation (SDK)Implement anonymous accessEnable Anonymous Access in SharePoint 2010 From UI and Code (Blog Post)
  9. 9. Create efficient CAML queries and viewsQuery Schema (SDK)View Schema (SDK)Handling Large Folders and Lists (SDK)Choose appropriate APIsChoose the right API set in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Create and use indexed columnsEnforcing Uniqueness in Column Values (SDK)Use Object Model OverridesSPQuery.QueryThrottleMode propertySPWebApplication.AllowOMCodeOverrideThrottleSettings propertySPList.EnableThrottling Is badContent IteratorWriting Efficient Code in SharePoint Server (SDK)Cross site queriesSPSiteDataQuery class
  10. 10. Access data using server side object modelWorking with List Objects and Collections (SDK)Access data using client side object modelData Retrieval Overview (SDK)Access data using out of the box Web ServicesWeb Service GuidelinesAccess data using REST APIProgramming using the SharePoint 2013 REST serviceAccess data using a custom WCFWCF Services in SharePoint Foundation 2010Walkthrough: Creating and Implementing a Custom WCF Service in SharePoint Foundation
  11. 11. Implement web.configHow to: Add and Remove Web.config Settings Programmatically (SDK)Hierarchical data store & property bag & ListManaging Application Configuration (p&p 2007 SDK)Property Bag Schema (SDK)Implement credential storageCode Snippet: Get User Credentials Using the Default Secure Store Provider (SDK)
  12. 12. Implement Object Life Cycle management for SharePoint ObjectsBest Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects (SDK)Implement Object Life Cycle management for SPContextYou don’t need to dispose objects coming from the SPContext but if you create child objectfrom it dispose the child object ex: SPContext.Current.Site.OpenWeb().Dispose()Object Life Cycle management with Windows PowerShellStart SPAssignment CmdletStart-SPAssignment -global$w = Get-SPWeb http://MyWeb$w | Set-SPWeb –title "Accounting"Stop-SPAssignment -global$gc = Start-SPAssignment$web = $gc | Get-SPWeb http://MyWeb$web | Set-SPWeb –title "Accounting"Stop-SPAssignment –Identity $gc
  13. 13. Implement versioning of features and solutionsFeature Versioning and Upgrading in SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)Upgrade features and solutionsHow to upgrade a custom application to SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Upgrading Features (SDK)SPSite, SPWebApplication, SPWebService [.QueryFeatures(myScope, true)]Feature.xml Changes (SDK)Upgrading a Farm Solution in SharePoint 2010 (SDK)Implement assembly versioning & in process request routingAssembly binding redirect in Sharepoint 2010: how old code for SP 2007 works in SP 2010(Blog Post)Assembly Redirection and SharePoint (Blog Post)Using publisher policy assemblies
  14. 14. Select feature scope and visibilityElements by Scope (SDK)Define feature dependenciesActivation Dependencies and Scope (SDK)ActivationDependencies ElementSolution DependenciesSolution Activation Dependencies in SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)Organize SharePoint project itemsPackaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions (SDK)Structure app packagesProject structure and properties of apps for SharePoint in Visual Studio
  15. 15. Scope features to constraintsOnly Features scoped to the site collection or the website are possible in sandboxed solutions.Farm and web application scope are not possible. Site collection features are activatedautomatically when the solution activatedIdentify SharePoint artifacts that can be used in sandboxWhat Can Be Implemented in Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (SDK)Restrictions on Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (SDK)Access data outside of Sandbox scopeSandboxed Solutions in Partnership with Full Trust Proxies in SharePoint 2010 (SDK)Sandbox solution deployment, upgrade sandbox solutionsInstalling, Uninstalling, and Upgrading Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010 (SDK)Implement custom solutions validatorsSP 2010: Validate Sandboxed Solutions using SPSolutionValidator (Blog Post)
  16. 16. Configure no code customizations for the SharePoint 2013 platformCreate SharePoint 2013 no code solutions (SDK)Using JSLink to change the UI of a SharePoint list/view (Blog Post)Overview of Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Create and upload JavaScript filesUploading javascript js files as javascript display template in sharepoint 2013 (Blog Post)Create Display TemplatesHow to: Create a display template in SharePoint Server 2013 (SDK)Display template reference in SharePoint Server 2013 (TechNet)
  17. 17. Incorporate designer outputsHow to: Map a network drive to the SharePoint 2013 Master Page Gallery (SDK)Use Design Manager FunctionalityOverview of Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Apply custom themesThemes overview in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Export the designOverview of design packages in SharePoint Server 2013 (SDK)Create Master PageHow to: Convert an HTML file into a master page in SharePoint Server 2013 (SDK)Create a channelHow to: Create device channels in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)
  18. 18. Create a custom navigation providerHow to: Extend the Navigation Provider in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM SDK)Creating Custom Navigation That Crosses Site Collection Boundaries (p&p SDK)Create taxonomy-based navigationManaged navigation in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Global navigation in SharePoint 2013 revisited (Blog Post)Create search-driven navigationConfigure refiners and faceted navigation in SharePoint Server 2013 (TechNet)Configure Faceted Navigation for a Product Catalog in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Configure globalcurrent navigationSite navigation overview (SharePoint Server 2010) (TechNet)
  19. 19. Customize the ribbonCustomizing the Server Ribbon (SDK)Customizing and Extending the SharePoint 2010 Server Ribbon (Technical Articles SDK)Leveraging SharePoint dialogs in Apps for SharePoint (SDK)Customize the edit control block (ECB)How to: Hide a Menu Item in the ECB from SharePoint List Items (SDK)How to: Modify the User Interface Using Custom Actions (SDK)Customize the status bar and notificationsStatus and Notifications (SDK)Introduction to System Status Notifications in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Customize the modal dialog windowOpening a SharePoint 2010 Modal Dialog Box from an InfoPath Form (Technical Articles SDK)The new Hover OverPreviewCallout Popups in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Select areas for Focus on ContentHIDE QUICK LAUNCHNAV USING “FOCUS ON CONTENT” IN SHAREPOINT 2013 (Blog Post)Customize the upgrade notificationIntroduction to System Status Notifications in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)
  20. 20. Plan the use of event receiversEvents in SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SDK)Create SPSecurity Event Receiver in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Timer JobsCreating Timer Jobs in SharePoint that Target Specific Services (Technical Articles SDK)Creating Timer Jobs in SharePoint That Target Specific Web Application (Technical Articles SDK)Create remote event receiversHow to: Create an event receiver for an app for SharePoint (SDK)Create a work item timer jobProcessing items with Work Item Timer Jobs in SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)
  21. 21. Plan the type of workflow and associated forms (site, reusable, list, InfoPath)Workflow development in SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio 2013 (SDK)Create reusable workflows for content typesWorkflow subscriptions and associations (SDK)Import and export Microsoft Visio workflowsTransfer a workflow between SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio Professional 2013 (SharePoint2010 Workflow platform) (SDK)Export a workflow to a SharePoint solutionUnderstanding how to package and deploy workflow in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)
  22. 22. Create custom actionsHow to: Build and deploy workflow custom actions (SDK)How to: Create a Sandboxed Workflow Action (p&p SDK)Create workflow definitionSharePoint 2013 workflow samples (SDK)SharePoint Workflow Development with Office Developer Tools Visual Studio 2012 (Blog Post)Create external connectorsPluggable Workflow Services in SharePoint 2010 (Blog Post)Workflow Improvements in SharePoint 2010 (MSDN Magazine)Workflow as part of a SharePoint solution or appDevelop SharePoint 2013 workflows using Visual Studio (SDK)Updates for SharePoint 2013 Workflow (Blog Post)Upgrade a SharePoint 2013 Visual Studio workflowPlan the type of workflow and associated formsCreating Custom Forms for SharePoint 2013 Workflows (Blog Post)Workflow Improvements and Changes in SharePoint 2013 March PU (Blog Post)
  23. 23. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp161507.aspx
  24. 24. Choose a hosting locationHosting options for apps for SharePoint (SDK)Specify a starting locationRibbon Custom ActionMenu Item Custom ActionApp Part_layouts/15/appredirect.aspxSpecify a licensing modelLicensing apps for Office and SharePoint (SDK)SharePoint 2013 hosted App License check (Blog Post)Specify permission requirementsAuthorization and authentication for apps in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Select a user experience for appsUX design for apps in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Apps for SharePoint Page Patterns (Blog Post)
  25. 25. Create provider-hosted applicationsHow to: Create a basic provider-hosted app for SharePoint (SDK)How to: Create a cloud-hosted app that includes a custom SharePoint list, content type (SDK)Using REST Services with a Provider Hosted App in SharePoint 2013 (Blog Post)Create autohosted appsCreate autohosted apps (SDK)Create SharePoint-hosted applicationsHow to: Create a basic SharePoint-hosted app (SDK)Deep dive into SharePoint 2013 hosted apps (Presentation)Apply chrome controlHow to: Use the client chrome control in apps for SharePoint (SDK)
  26. 26. Package an applicationExplore the app manifest and the package of an app for SharePoint (SDK)How to: Package apps for SharePoint for publishing by using Visual Studio (SDK)Registering app dependencies in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)Publish to Corporate CatalogDeploying and installing apps for SharePoint: methods and options (SDK)Tenancies and deployment scopes for apps for SharePoint (SDK)Publish to SharePoint storePublish apps for Office and SharePoint (SDK)Publish to Windows AzureCreate autohosted apps (SDK)Manage trust relationship with other providersOAuth authentication and authorization flow for cloud-hosted apps in SharePoint 2013 (SDK)How to: Create high-trust apps for SharePoint 2013 using the server-to-server protocol (SDK)OAuth authentication flow for apps that ask for access permissions on the fly in (SDK)SharePoint Low-Trust Apps for On-Premises Deployments (Blog Post)Inside SharePoint 2013 OAuth Context Tokens (Blog Post)
  27. 27. Upgrade an applicationApp for SharePoint update process (SDK)How to: Create an app event receiver (SDK)Remove an applicationRemove app for SharePoint instances from a SharePoint 2013 site (TechNet)Manage licensingMonitor and manage app licenses in SharePoint Server 2013 (TechNet)Manage usage trackingMonitor apps for SharePoint for SharePoint Server 2013 (TechNet)