convolution codes lcu routing virtual circuit identifier sequential decoding constraint length information frame idempotents trellis diagram block codes binary channels channel capacity entropy laser diode perimeter military security fence oi & gas optical coupler security fiber optic cable transportation and aviation fiber optic sensors birefringence integrated strain sensor reflection polarization position sensor temperature sensor fabry-perot cavity sensors advantages quasidistributed multiplexed sensors deformation sensor strain/force sensor distributed sensors integrated sensors intruder pressure sensor point sensors single fibre bragg grating sensors arterial roads dead ends a* navigation a* algorithm nodes best route almanac global positioning system highways a-gps location gps ephemeris trilateration advantages of ofdm orthogonality of subcarriers fdd/tdd sub-frame structure fft/ifft basics ofdm blocks ofdm basics multi-carrier fdm or ofdm fading effect on ofdm ofdm for lte ofdm properties dis-advantage of ofdm clock offset ofdm synchronization ofdm a special case of fdm ofdm cyclic prefix ofdm synchronization frequency offset ofdm synchronization features and requirements ofdm lte frames and subframes lte advance lte advance technologies lte ue catagories mimo main lte technologies lte channel types lte 4g aim voice over lte sae duplex schemes srvcc. lte security lte self organising networks femto cell handover femto cell components and building blocks femto cell architecture femto cell security and management small cell types femto cell timing and synchronization femto cell security femto cell standards femto cell capacity femto cell issues. reparenting location lock femto cell installation femto cell femto cell system software femto cell compatibility nuclear safe li-fi lifi vs wifi optical wireless communication optical unguided communication undersea communication high impedence amplifier statistical gain fluctuation transimpedence amplifiers surface leakage current poisson fluctuation probability of error nonzero extinction ratio probability distribution shot noise quantum limit preamplifier types bulk dark current radiation pattern pin diode heterojunction led surgace emitting led edge emitting led avelanche photodiode fiber to source coupling laser laser cavity light emitting diose graded index fiber step index fiber total internal reflection fiber manufacturing dispersion splicing fiber fiber to fiber coupling connector multimode fiber optical waveguide bending loss single mode fiber scattering fiber atenuation colour difference signal primary and complimentry colours hue chromaticity diagram rgb signal luminance delta gun picture tube additive colour mixing three colour theory y signal gamma correction trintron colour picture tube pil saturation purity magnet hdtv flicker scanning picture tube vertical sync composite video signal horizontal sync synchronisation camera image continuity vidicon channel bandwidth vestigial sideband modulation solid state image scanner time slot interchanger time division space switching synchronous mode time division time switching centralised spc signalling tones lb exchange standby mode strowger exchange cross bar switching side tone fascilime director system telephone common control switching system time multiplexed distributed spc stored program control touch tone dial telephone cb exchange plp rej data packets dte packet switching rr x.25 layers packet layer frame layer general format identifier dce rnr normal response mode unnumbered frame synchronous protocol polling data link control protocol command response supervisory frame asynchronous balance mode selection ack reverse interrupt master terminal polling selection ack line turnaround. character oriented protocol bit oriented protocol enq nack slave terminal usrt synchronous transmission asynchronous transmission uart shortest path dijkstra's algorithm data communication packets hop count b8zs differential manchester encoding rz ami data manchester coding signal nrz bipolar encoding pseudoternery encoding hdb3 unipolar encoding terminal equipment terminal adapter functional grouping reference points bri isdn data channel bearer channel network termination pri atm lan quality of service aal convergence and segmentation atm layers banyan batcher switch vp wsitch cell network switch fabric virtual path identifier asynchronous tdm atm service class vpc switch atm applications banyan switch virtual connection weight training number of layers learning rate artificial neural networks momentum ann generalizability neurons ann parameters termination critaria coset mc william's identity existance bounds quasi-perfect codes perfect codes weight enumerators alternant codes justessen codes goppa codes minimum distance decoder viterbi decoder bch generation reed solomon generation frequency domain finite fields fourier transform in finite fields conjugacy constraints trellis codes tree codes code tree code word frame trellis searching algorithm viterbi decoding mc- william identities lfsr nested codes berlekamp ans massey mattson solomon polynomial reed-solomon codes dual codes bch codes conjugate of field elements gf(q) vector spaces roots of galois field order of element primitive field elements minimal polynomial finite field prefix codes shannon fano codes huffman codes cyclic codes kraft enequality coding cascaded binary channels markov's source mutual information information shannon's theorem markov's sources shannons theorem cascaded channels information theory
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