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сказка как кошка и мышка подружились

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сказка как кошка и мышка подружились

  1. 1. How the cat and the mouse became friends By Grishina Maryana and Novikova Polina
  2. 2. Once upon a time a cat lived in a house. All her life she had been hunting mice.
  3. 3. One day, she caught a funny red mouse. – Are you afraid of me? – No, I'm not. Don't eat me, please!
  4. 4. – Why is that? –Because I'm an alien!
  5. 5. – I don't know... I have never eaten it. Do you like it? – I will bring you alien cheese! Do you want any?
  6. 6. – It's very, very tasty!
  7. 7. The cat dropped the mouse's tail and the mouse ran to the burrow. The mouse had not returned for a long time and the cat decided that the mouse had cheated her. – Here you are! Try! But the mouse came back with a big piece of something.
  8. 8. – Well, I’ve told you! The cat carefully began to smell. She liked the smell! Then she tried the cheese. – Mmmm! How delicious!
  9. 9. – Do you have any more? – I have not. But there is a lot of cheese on our planet.
  10. 10. And how can we get there? – You need grasp my tail tight.
  11. 11. So, are you my friend now? And you're not going to eat me, aren't you? – Well, of course, who eats friends?
  12. 12. Since then they are best friends and they often visit each other.