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‘The Valai’ – Our IT Solutions and Services

IT Solutions and Services

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‘The Valai’ – Our IT Solutions and Services

  1. 1. Organization Profile Page 1 TheValai Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. DBA-PROFILE
  2. 2. Organization Profile Page 2 About TheValai Infotech TheValai InfoTech company focuses on developing innovative applications aimed to revolutionize today’s global education and manufacturing industries, with the motto to deliver quality and timely services at affordable cost to clients – which has led to a steady growth of the company and helped it stay immune to Global recession. Experience, quality, speed & accuracy of the work force helped in the steady growth of the company over the years. Since inception, the company has been providing stellar services to clients from India in the areas of specific to Manufacturing and Education Industries. Focussed research & development along with a dedicated development wing and a stringent quality analysis wing has helped the company in developing several innovative, outstanding and unmatched best in class applications for the Global industry. Applications which can provide all stakeholders of access the resources required to meet their personal educational, managerial or administrative needs in a safe environment and explore the best opportunities of the 21st Century without any worries. The company also has a clear vision towards the well-being of the ecosystem and people around, and believes that contribution to society is vital for a company’s overall growth. The company supports a number of NGOs with different causes [Education, Orphanages, and Old Homes etc.] every year and has also taken up in-house initiatives like Energy conservation, reduced use of Papers etc.
  3. 3. Organization Profile Page 3 ‘The Valai’ – Our ITSolutions and Services In today's demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions. ‘The Valai’ is a cost effective and efficient IT Solutions and services exclusively for manufacturing industry, with the power to revolutionize the way any industry functions. Easily integrated into the existing tasks, our Solutions and services will help the client to automate the entire crucial processes with ease. Through continuous refinement, we have been perfected for precision and stability. We are committed to becoming fore runners in IT Solutions and services, serving the industry to the best of their abilities. Our team gives utmost importance to quality, support and testing, and believes that technical support is one of the key elements for a good working experience. Our customers from the Various Industries have highly appreciated our support team for their responsiveness and efficiency. We keep a constant check on the quality of our technical support through supervised customer survey programs. We believe that our solutions should meet the complete needs of small, medium and large clients/institutions. We are determined to deliver value and affordability. In this highly competitive market, we strive to stay ahead of the game, guaranteeing our clients advanced solutions that deliver results. “Choose Perfection, Catch Excellence”
  4. 4. Organization Profile Page 4 Some Key Features of TheValai Team Experience ofManagementTeam  Swiss Bank – London , UK  Deutsche Bank - Singapore / USA  IBM India  LG India  Sub Contractor for Volkswagen  Art Of Living schools ( Across India )  Mobilize ( UK )  GP Walkers ( Dubai )  DE Tech ( Germany ) Functional Areas  Investment Banking  Insurance  Healthcare  Manufacturing  Education Industry  E-commerce Technical Spectrum  Windows / Linux / Mainframe  ASP .NET, MVC Architecture  DB2 / CICS / COBOL  Open source  PHP/ MySQL DBA / Database Architect  MS SQL ( All Variants)  MySQL  Oracle  No SQL / Mongo DB / Big Data  DB2  Postgres SQL
  5. 5. Organization Profile Page 5 About US Company TheValai Info Tech Pvt Ltd Website www.thevalai.com Manpower 30+ Engineers Development Centers Bangalore, India Industry Focus Industry ERP, CRM, School & College ERP, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Ecommerce, Finance, InvestmentBanking. Technology Focus MicroSoftTechnology : C# / ASP.NET/ DB Sync / SQL / WPF Web HTML 5.0, BootStrap Database : SQL Server 2012 / MySql / Oracle 12g / DB2 V10 LUW / Mongo DB / NoSQL / DocumentDB/ Big Data Mobile Technology : Android / MicrosoftMobile / Teleriks Others: PHP/ AJAX/ CSS / Jquery Vision “…putting IT in Perspective.”
  6. 6. Organization Profile Page 6 SERVICES SUMMARY Fixed Cost Services ERP - Development Bespoke Software Development Programming to Specification Platform Migration Services Application Programming Integration (API) Services DBA Services Database Design, Capacity Planning Data Migration, EnvironmentSetup SQL Fin tuning, SQL Coding, SP Coding & Fine tuning Data Architect, Schema coding from the requirement specification. Cost – Plus Services On-Site Supplemental Staffing Services Off-Site Supplemental Staffing Services Software Engineering Sandbox Management Validation & Verification ProductSupport Feature Enhancement Testing Services EnvironmentSetup and Maintenance Functional Testing and other testing services Solution Services Business Specific ITSolutions, Business Specific ERP Process Flow can be developed. Specialized Services Website or Cloud ERP Bootstrap Developmentor Migration Legacy System to Cloud Migration
  7. 7. Organization Profile Page 7 ENGINEERING TEAM PM Architect DBA Tech Leads Sr.Developers Developers Test Leads Test Engrs Team Consist of Web Designers ASP .NET, C# Engineers PHP Engineers Configuration Management Software Architect Open source Engineers Test Engineers Tech Leads Quality Analysts Project Manager DBA
  8. 8. Organization Profile Page 8 Wide Variety of Database Wide Variety of Operating System
  9. 9. Organization Profile Page 9 Creates andmaintains all databases requiredfor development,testing,education and production usage. Performs the capacity planningrequiredto createandmaintainthe databases. The DBA works closely withsystem administration staff because computers often have applications or tools on them in addition to the Databases. Performs ongoingtuningofthe database instances. Install new versions ofthe Database and its tools and any other tools that access the database. Plans and implements backupandrecovery ofthe database. Controls migrations ofprograms,database changes,referencedata changes and menu changes throughthe development life cycle. Implements andenforces security for all ofthe Databases. Performs database re-organizations as requiredto assist performance andensure maximum uptime ofthe database. Puts standards in place to ensure that all application design andcode is producedwithproper integrity,security andperformance.The DBA will perform reviews on the design andcode frequently to ensure the site standards are being adheredto. Evaluates releases ofDatabase andits tools,and third party products to ensure that the site is running the products that are most appropriate.Planning is also performedby the DBA, along withthe application developers andSystem administrators,to ensure that any new product usage or release upgrade takes place withminimal impact. Provides technicalsupport to application development teams.This is usually in the form of a helpdesk. Enforces andmaintains database constraints to ensureintegrity ofthe database.
  10. 10. Organization Profile Page 10 Administers all database objects,includingtables,clusters,indexes,views, sequences,packages andprocedures. Assists with impact analysis ofany changes made to the database objects. Troubleshoots withproblems regarding the databases,applications and development tools. Create new database users as required. Manage sharing ofresources amongst applications. The DBA has ultimate responsibility for the physical database design.
  11. 11. Organization Profile Page 11 Our DBA Team possesses the following Core skills  A goodknowledgeofthe operating system(s)  A goodknowledgeofphysical database design  Ability to perform bothDatabase andalso operating systemperformance monitoring andthe necessary adjustments.  Be able to provide a strategic database direction for the organisation.  Excellent knowledgeofDatabase backupandrecovery scenarios.  Goodskills in all Database tools.  A goodknowledgeofDatabase security management.  A goodknowledgeofhow Database acquires andmanages resources.  Will acquire Sound knowledgeofthe applications at your site.  Experience andknowledgein migratingcode,database changes,data andmenus throughthe various stages of the development life cycle.  A goodknowledgeofthe way Database enforces data integrity.  A soundknowledge ofbothdatabase andprogram code performance tuning.  Possesses a soundunderstanding ofthe business.  Have soundcommunication skills withmanagement,development teams, vendors,systems administrators andother relatedserviceproviders.
  12. 12. Organization Profile Page 12 CLIENTELE N.H Goel World School Raipur, India Jindal Vidya Mandir Vasind, India SSRVM Chain of Schools
  13. 13. Organization Profile Page 13 Alva’s Chain of Colleges Manufacturing ERP
  14. 14. Organization Profile Page 14 Contact support@thevalai.com Connectivity Airtel Broadband 8 MBPS with FUP 80GB Hathway Broadband 20 MBPS with FUP 50GB Power Bangalore 24 X 7 Power (7KVA) with 3KVA UPS Backup Hardware Linux – 2 Nos Windows – 2Nos Workstation Computers – 20 Nos, Laptop – 10 Nos Software MicrosoftVisual Studio – 2012, SQL Server 2012, Adobe, Dream Weaver
  15. 15. Thank You Organization Profile Page 15