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Is Your BMW Leaking Oil After An Oil Change Know The Reasons Here

  1. Is Your BMW Leaking Oil After An Oil Change? Know The Reasons Here
  2. Oil leakage immediately after an oil change can be very unsettling.
  3. Below, we have complied a list of problems that can result in such a problem.
  4. Plus, you will find the best solutions. So, please go through it.
  5. BMW Leaking Oil After An Oil Change? Likely Reasons Are
  6. Loose oil drain plug
  7. Drain plugs are made of metal- which makes them vulnerable to corrosion.
  8. Your car's drain plug can wear out over time and become loose.
  9. As a result, your car may leak oil shortly after an oil change.
  10. To eliminate the leak you will need to replace the bad drain plug.
  11. Improper installation of oil filter
  12. Yes… you read that right.
  13. Careless installation of the oil filter may result in oil leakage immediately after changing the oil.
  14. Oil filter serves to keep the engine oil free of contaminants.
  15. It should be replaced every time you go for an oil change.
  16. Bad gasket or seal
  17. Your car engine comes equipped with many seals and gaskets.
  18. Among other things, they prevent oil from leaking out.
  19. Malfunction in one of them may result in oil leakage- especially after an oil change.
  20. Cracked oil pan
  21. Oil pan is where motor oil gets deposited when the engine is not running.
  22. If it develops a crack, your car will lose oil.
  23. To fix the issue you may have to replace the defective oil pan.
  24. Wrapping Up
  25. Is your BMW losing oil after an oil change?
  26. If so, it’s a red flag.
  27. Don’t ignore it. Take assistance from a professional to diagnose the issue.