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jaago tea

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jaago tea

  1. 1. Potential and current customer. Potential customers are those who are regular in tea market. Generation Y who commonly have tea when they are gossiping with friends and families and can be addicted or non addicted Traditional and non- traditional tea lovers. Traditional tea lovers are those who are addicted to take tea and non traditional are those are not addicted but takes tea anyhow. Retailors Shops. If we can not get the attention of the retailing shops we can not be able to reach the consumer level. Housewife. Calls out to housewives since they are the influencers and deciders in the buying process
  2. 2. PRODUCT NAME JUSTIFYING THE TARGET GROUP “JAAGO”, This word represents refreshment, motivation, inspiration for common people. People takes tea commonly in morning or when get restless or while gossiping with friends and family. “JAAGO” is to represent the source of energy and refreshment for them. “JAAGO” gently invigorates our body physically and mentally to active your brain cells.
  3. 3. Tagline resonated with the target group “জেগে ওগ ো নতুন উদ্যগে” The tag line represents to feel different after taking the tea when people gets tired or exhausted. Again the tag line represents to feel energetic, refreshed and confident.
  4. 4. BRAND GUIDELINE “JAAGO” is going to begin it’s journey from Bangladesh. We will be serving different flavors of tea- Normal (Loose and Teabag), 3 in 1 tea bag, masala tea, lemon tea, ice tea, ginger tea- only tea bag. We are looking forward to make JAAGO a good brand to hangout for the target customer. The brand will be looking forward to make a difference in the minds of or customers. The brand is to be cost effective and full of flavors and aroma. Weak aroma Cost effective Strong aroma Expensive
  5. 5. Positioning Strategy Open tea house: In our country, we don’t have any Specialize tea shop or rarely available like coffee shop we see everywhere. According to our plan, If we open specialize Tea in air conditioned arcade which is different from traditional stores and provide delightful service and amazing store appearance and comfortable facility. Great teas require particularly pure and hard clays to extract all their fine flavors. And average teas are better served by more porous clays that can hide their defects so we use Tea pots Advertising: advertising should be done not only with tvc, but we will also use rdc, billboards, and also can be the title sponsor or brand sponsor for any type of competitions or games. There will also be the word of mouth and people will be given t-shirts or leaflets or something else where the brand name will be written for promotion. Free tasting: we will do campaign in several crowded places like markets, shopping complexes, universities, parks etc. we will let people taste our tea for free (for 1st month). Socially responsible: this brand will work for social awareness and be responsible in several sectors of the society. 3 in 1: just like 3 in 1 coffee mix, we will launch new tea bags, where milk, sugar and tea leaves will be given so that people can enjoy milk tea instantly just by pouring that in hot water. Those who don’t like milk tea, we will also have lemon or lite flavored tea for them.