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Wedgewood DMC Group - MICE Presentation 2018

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Wedgewood DMC Group - MICE Presentation 2018

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Wedgewood DMC Group - MICE Presentation 2018

  1. 1. • Leading Destination Management Company since 1979, Wedgewood specialises in creating and operating inspirational programmes and events for the corporate incentive group & conference markets. With offices in London, Paris, Mainz, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, San Francisco & Cape Town, we are regarded as leaders in the field of Destination and Event Management. • The first office, and the group HQ, is in London where we have a team of 25 professional multilingual project managers who construct creative itineraries according to the client’s budget, requirements, tastes, preferences and objectives. • Our passion for creating and delivering international meetings, motivational programmes and sensational events has won us business with some of the most prestigious names globally. • Our team of highly experienced and enthusiastic experts will meticulously research and create innovative programmes for you. You will receive unbiased, in-depth information on spectacular venues to ensure the perfect location for every type of event. We work only with the most professional and reliable suppliers. Our commitment to excellence gives our clients total confidence that every event will be a success. “I feel so fortunate to have found you!” – Jamie Lee, Vice President, Operations & Events – Nashville Health Care Council, April 2017
  2. 2. Aidan Ford Managing Director Ania Goriunova Team Leader Joana Almeida Team Leader Alessandro Radicini Team Leader Desi Dimova Team Leader Valentina Timpanaro Team Leader Vanessa Lewisohn Director of operations Jerry Allanson Executive General Manager Anna Kristoffersen Deputy General Manager • EACH SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER HEADS UP A TEAM OF PROJECT MANAGERS • For most events, a nominated Project Manager will co-ordinate and supervise the whole project, from beginning to end, including the operational management of the programme, debrief and accounting. For larger events, the roles may be divided between a team – all under the supervision of a departmental head – and with additional close support from our senior management team. Organisational Structure
  3. 3. Wedgewood’s services “Outstanding services” - James McKintosh, CEO, EduSport Travel, January 2016 As a Destination Management Company, we plan and deliver a wide range of land arrangements for a wide variety of programmes types, including:  Logistics management for special and unique events  Motivation & Incentive events  Product launches  Company meetings  International Conferences Wedgewood’s role is to co-ordinate the many services required by our clients. Working in close co-operation with our clients and inputting our own creativity as required, a programme is developed to suit the needs, objectives, size, profile and budget of the group event in question. Prior to the event, we ensure that all suppliers are briefed as to the exact nature of their role and that all services are in place. During the event, we are very “hands on”, with office staff and freelance staff present and attending to the needs of the group throughout the programme. If it is also part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Protocol to effect a charitable donation in conjunction with the event, Wedgewood would be happy to work with you on the selection of a suitable beneficiary for your donation. There are a number of charities in the UK who would be delighted to benefit from such a donation. Hotel Accommodation Ground Transportation Dining Venues Sightseeing arrangements Conference venues and equipment Tickets to theatre productions and sporting events Theming and decoration Entertainment Security Visa/passport support Risk assessment and management
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