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Basic Brand Strategy Template for B2B Startups

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Basic Brand Strategy Template to help fast-moving B2B startups with minimal budget, get up-and-running quickly.

This is just one of many approaches to decide a Brand Strategy. It's a simple template that shows critical areas that should be thought through. Try to resist filling in the slots based on internal opinion and guesswork - if you don't have budget for research and/or someone to guide the process, try to get at least a few strategic and customer insights to guide you (this is important b/c your audience RARELY thinks about what you do and offer the way that YOU do).

For more context and a completed sample, visit the full post on my blog at http://goo.gl/8IfKwy

Also check out this other Slideshare which covers a basic process to decide what goes in the template - http://www.slideshare.net/LydiaMarketing/basic-process-to-develop-your-brand-strategy

About Lydia's Marketing Communication Consulting Services:
I help companies develop effective brand, marketing and content strategies.

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Basic Brand Strategy Template for B2B Startups

  1. 1. ©Lydia’s  Marke.ng  Consul.ng    |    www.lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com    |    Contact:  lydia@lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com   Company  Purpose/Mission   [Your  underlying  mission;  why  your  company  exists  in  the  first  place]   Brand  Posi3on  Statement   [A  statement  about  how  you  want  to  be  perceived;  how  you  want  people  to  feel,  think  and  talk  about  you]   Unique  Value  Proposi3on   [The  unique  value  you’re  offering;  what  makes  you  different;  your  ‘secret  sauce’]   Why  You  Can  Believe  Our  Claims   [A  summary  of  proof  points  that  support  your  posi.on]   Brand  A@ributes   [ANributes  that  reflect  your  belief  system  and  brand  personality  –  this  is  important  as  it  informs  the  impression   you  want  people  to  have  about  you]   Audience  Promise   [One  sentence  that  sums  up  your  brand’s  promise]   Messaging  Tone   [High  level  tone  for  your  brand’s  messaging]     Elevator  Pitch   [What  you  would  say  to  someone  who  asks:  “So  what  do  you  do  and  why  should  I  care?”]   Tagline(s)   [Brief  statements  that  encapsulate  your  brand  story  and  value  proposi.on]   Basic  Brand  Strategy  Template  
  2. 2. ©Lydia’s  Marke.ng  Consul.ng    |    www.lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com    |    Contact:  lydia@lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com   Can  you  fill  in  the  slots  on  the  previous  slide?   It  shows  strategic  things  to  think  through  and     is  a  simplified  approach  to  confirm  your  Brand  Strategy.     It’s  par.cularly  helpful  for  startups  anxious  to  get  to  market.   Image  Source:  Crea.ve  Commons  flickr.com/horizontal  integra.ons  
  3. 3. ©Lydia’s  Marke.ng  Consul.ng    |    www.lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com    |    Contact:  lydia@lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com   Can  you  summarize  what  your  brand  is  about?   If  you  are  thoughul  about  what  goes  in  said  template...     you  may  be  more  successful.   Image  Source:  Crea.ve  Commons  flickr.com/rzganoza  
  4. 4. Want  a  more  detailed  example?   Visit  Lydia’s  Marke.ng  Blog  for  the  full  narra.ve  on  this  template  and  a  mock  sample.     Click  here:  A  Brand  Strategy  Template  for  B2B  Startups   Image  Source:  Crea.ve  Commons  flickr.com/mukumbura   ©Lydia’s  Marke.ng  Consul.ng    |    www.lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com    |    Contact:  lydia@lydiamarke.ngconsul.ng.com