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OpenStreetMap tile-server in one minute

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OpenStreetMap is probably one of the best examples of a successful giant community. They created a beautiful billion dollar vacuum in the map industry, although the system is still underused.
To reach its full potential, the community needs to work on simplicity, especially to set up tile servers.
The DesignMyApp team unleashed a set of tools for Mapsquare.io, that allows you to launch a complete tile-server stack in one minute.

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OpenStreetMap tile-server in one minute

  1. 1. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 1 OSM in a box #> apt-get install openstreetmap
  2. 2. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 2 Openstreetmap “Most people just want this: some data, a tile server, to serve some beautiful maps.” Sajjad Anwar @geohacker, Mapbox
  3. 3. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 3 Reality looks tough
  4. 4. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 4 Reality looks tough… Really tough https://github.com/openstreetmap/osm2pgsql/blob/master/README.md http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmosis/Replication
  5. 5. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 5 OSM data is far away from reaching its potential of usage You know what? I’d rather pay $$$ to [place any map service here]
  6. 6. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 6 # > apt-get install openstreetmap The Dream Easy as
  7. 7. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 7 The options • Toolbox: • Package? Too many distribs / versions, not modular • VMs? Too many vendors, not flexible enough VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, VirtualBox, AMIs… • Conf management tools? Interesting Chef, Puppet, Ansible • Containers? YES
  8. 8. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 8 The Legobox Demo 60 seconds to setup a full tile-server on our lego-box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohPP7zWSsE
  9. 9. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 9 The Legobox Demo • Launch your own tile-server on an Amazon AWS Instance: • http://tilelauncher.mapsquare.io • The widgets: • https://github.com/mapsquare/mapsquare-widgets • Tile server stress-tests • https://github.com/mapsquare/osm-tile-server-stress
  10. 10. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 10 Thank you  @DesignMyApp @LoicOrtola @Olduv https://github.com/mapsquare http://mapsquare.io
  11. 11. #SOTMs15 OpenStreetMap in a (Lego)Box 11 TileLauncher Beta • Challenges: • Make choices, but leave room for light config (region, style colors). • Run anywhere, scale easily • Roadmap: • OpenSourcing Container stack on https://github.com/mapsquare • Accept more providers (Amazon, Google, On-premise, Azure, …) • Handle diffs • Improve stack (Imposm 3, Mapnik 3…)