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Ackerman Resume

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Ackerman Resume

  1. 1. Page 1 LINSAY ACKERMAN 525 Georgetown Ave. Apt H34 Elyria, OH 44035 216-217-8171 • LinsayAckerman@hotmail.com OBJECTIVE To bringmy passion and skillsas a certified medical laboratory technician to the laboratory. ABILITIES AND SKILLS Clinical Chemistry Hematology Microbiology Phlebotomy Urinalysis Immunology Serology Coagulation Blood Bank PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CLINICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN October 2013 – Present Cleveland Departmentof Public Health – Cleveland,OH • Primarily performs STAT testing in reproductivehealth clinicincluding:HIV, urinalysis,wet preps, pregnancy, and gram stains • Other routinelab testing includes microbiology,serology,and research studies to explore alternative treatments for gonorrhea • Draws blood samples for HIV and syphilis testing • Receives multiplespecimens and insures accuracy for in-houseand send-out testing • Has contributed in creatinga new procedure for patient records • Instructs phlebotomy students on proper venipuncture procedures as well as other general lab operations • Performs quality control and proficiency testing MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN June 2013 – October 2013 FremontMemorialHospital– Fremont,OH • Worked independently on midnight shift • Experience in multipledepartments including:hematology,coagulation,urinalysis,chemistry,blood bank, serology,microbiology,and phlebotomy • Perform daily quality control,maintenance,and calibrationson laboratory analyzers • Receive blood products and other lab supplies • Ensure specimen integrity and patient ID • Experience in drawingblood for inpatients and outpatients
  2. 2. Page 2 EDUCATION MIAMI-JACOBS CAREER COLLEGE Graduated April 2012 Associatesof Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology –Independence,OH • 3.5 GPA • Related coursework: Urinalysis,clinical chemistry,microbiology,phlebotomy, blood bank, immunology, parasitology,and hematology EXTERNSHIP Jan 2012 – April 2012 SuperiorMedical Care– Lorain,OH • Gained experience in urinalysis,hematology,chemistry, and phlebotomy • Performed numerous rapid tests for strep, flu,FOB, H. pylori,allergy panels,and shortness of breath • Performed QC on laboratory analyzers • Performed microscopic examinations of urinespecimens • Made and stained peripheral blood smears CERTIFICATION AND TECHNICAL SKILLS • American Medical Technologists –December 28th,2012 • Proficientwith Advantage, Paragon,and Horizon Blood Bank computer systems • Proficientwith Vitros,Beckman Coulter, Siemens, iStat, and Sysmex analyzers PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Dr. Neil Conway, Director of Labs Cleveland Department of Public Health 216.664.6461 Marylou Buck, Clinical Laboratory Technician II Cleveland Department of Public Health 216.664.6608 Dana Ware, Registered Nurse Cleveland Department of Public Health 216.224.0654