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David Berkowitz

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David Berkowitz

  1. 1. David Berkowitz... “Son of Sam”
  2. 2. Berkowitzs Childhood David Broder was born on  David Berkowitz 1 June 1953, was put for adoption As a teen, he was a loner and isolated from his peers Tended to display an aggressive, violent streak and often bullied other children
  3. 3. A Bitter Scene One event that disturbed  It was after Pearl’s death him, and caused him to that Berkowitz became be bitter about life, was more mentally unstable losing his adoptive  Stayed with Sam Carr, mother to cancer where he got his name Pearl Berkowitz, passed “Son of Sam” away in 1967 when  He said the dogs were David was still a teen possessed and that their demons would tell him to kill
  4. 4. To the Army In the summer of 1971 he joined the army where he excelled as a proficient marksman It was this kind of disturbing skill that was to be his tool for killing in such a cold manner later on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn
  5. 5. Berkowitzs Crime Spree November 26, 1976 –July 29, 1976 – Jody Donna DeMasi and JoanneValenti and Donna Lauria October 23, 1976 – Carl Lomino were walking nearwere shot as they sat Denaro and Rosemary Joanne’s home. Berkowitztalking in a parked car Keenan were shot while followed them briefly, thenoutside Donna’s apartment. sitting in Denaro’s parked shot them. Donna survivedLauria died instantly from a car. Both survived, but Carl without suffering permanentgunshot wound to her neck. was struck in the head by physical harm, but JoanneValenti survived the attack one of the bullets was paralyzed for lifeJanuary 30, 1977 – March 8, 1977 – Virginia April 17, 1977 – ValentinaChristine Freund and her Voskerichian, a Barnard Suriani and her boyfriendfiance John Diel were shot College honor student was Alexander Esau, were bothas they sat in a parked car. shot and killed while shot twice. Both died as aChristine died. John Diel walking home from class result of gunshot wounds.survived the attack Berkowitz left a letter at the scene, signed “Son of Sam”
  6. 6. Berkowitzs Crime SpreeJune 26, 1977 – Judy July 31, 1977 – Bobby Placido and Sal Lupu Violante and Stacy were shot while leaving a Moskowitz were shot in the disco. Both survived car while parked at a lover’s although Judy was shot lane. Stacy died from a three times gunshot wound to her head and Bobby lost vision in one eye and partial vision in the other eye
  7. 7. “Someones Got a Ticket”  Berkowitz was eventually caught after receiving a parking ticket at the time and near the place of a murdered victim, later known that he was the killer  Evidence:letters he wrote to an old friend, his military background, his appearance, and an arson incident(crime.about.com)
  8. 8. The Conclusion of Things Berkowitz admitted that he invented the “Son of Sam” stories so that if caught he could convince the court that he was insane. He said the real reason he killed was because he felt resentment toward his mother and his failures with women. He found killing the women to be sexually arousing He was sentenced on June 12, 1978 to six life sentences in prison for the killings; 365 years Today Berkowitz is a born-again Christian and, ironically, described as a model prisoner