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Reference letter Lethukuthula

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Reference letter Lethukuthula

  1. 1. Thabisile Seme 99 Mahlathi Road Chesterville 4009 24/11/2012 REFERENCE LETTER Dear Sir/Madam I am hereby testifying to Mr Lethukuthula Buthelezi’s character and ethics. He has been a volunteer in our Organisation for the duration of the year 2011 and 2012. In the past months that I have been working with Mr Buthelezi he has shown a number of favourable qualities. Amongst these his dedication has been exemplary. He has been able to keep his word every time. Not one to disappoint and display disloyalty, he has been an asset as long as he has been volunteering with us. His ability to inform beforehand if he is unable to contribute his time has been very helpful in our operations involving him. Punctuality is also a quality he possesses and exercises consistently. Mr Buthelezi dedicates not only his time, but also his mental capacity into what he does. Coming up with great ideas and logical solutions is something he has a knack for. I firmly believe that his independence, especially when it comes to thinking, combined with his ability to be a team player is an asset for any organisation. In conclusion, I believe that in pursuing his National Diploma will be asset to not just him, but all those he helps on a continuous basis. Yours sincerely Ms Thabisile Seme District Coordinator IkamvaYouth KZN Email: thabisile@ikamvayouth.org Cell: 082 419 6839 Fax: 086 235 7865

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