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How to Use Local Meetups to Build an Audience - with Colin Yearwood

Meetup.com is the world’s largest network of local groups. It makes it easy for people like you and I to connect with others in our local areas around a shared passion or topic of interest.

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How to Use Local Meetups to Build an Audience - with Colin Yearwood

  1. 1. fromaninterviewwithColinYearwood WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM Get Started on Meetup.com the Right Way
  2. 2. Set it UpSet it Up If you're a member: Register and Complete Your Profile - It's FREE to register on Meetup.com - Let people know who you are and what you’re passionate about - Link and connect all your social media networks - Don’t pitch or sell anything in your bio - Give people enough information so that there is no doubt about the value you provide WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  3. 3. Find Active Meetup Groups in Your Area - Use the search feature to find active meetup groups - People are looking to connect with others around shared passion WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM local meetups
  4. 4. Analyse the Groups You Found - few key things you should look at: WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM Number of members: gives you an idea of how many people you can expect at the events. Next scheduled event: you’ll be able to tell how active the group is Group reviews: The more negative reviews the meetup group has, the more worthless it is to take part in.
  5. 5. Join and Introduce Yourself - one of your main goals: connect with people in person - what this does: WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM This lets people know that you exist. This will increase the chances that someone will recognize you when you attend the Meetup. Smile Introduce yourself first. Networking tips: Set Reasonable Expectations - Look at those smaller events as a way to establish deeper, more meaningful relationships.
  6. 6. If you're an organizer: WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM 4321 Set it up Decide what meetups to run Join groups, attend events and analyze what’s working and what isn’t look around to see what currently exists First thing to do:First thing to do:
  7. 7. Be Descriptive - Choose a good name, headline and detailed description - Optional: choose a specific member label WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM Set it UpSet it Up
  8. 8. Use Pictures - Don’t set up a naked group page. - Use pictures (profile picture, group picture, customized banner, event location) - Customized Banner. Use this area to highlight some aspect of your meetups. - Event location. If you have a picture of the event location, that would be great to add to the group page. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM BLOGGER MEETUP
  9. 9. Setup a customized URL WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM Schedule at least one event immediately Advanced: Setup member profile questionnaires
  10. 10. More about Using Local Meetups to Build an Audience at WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM