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Changing the World one WordPress Site at a Time

How we built a successful, distributed WordPress firm serving nonprofits

Video at http://wordpress.tv/2016/07/04/lesley-molecke-changing-world-one-wordpress-site-at-a-time-built-successful-distributed-firm-serving-nonprofits/

Presented at WordCamp Europe, Vienna Austria, June 2016

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Changing the World one WordPress Site at a Time

  1. 1. Changing the World one WordPress site at a Time How we built a successful, distributed WordPress firm serving nonprofits
  2. 2. Our customers are changing the world • American or global nonprofits (usually .org TLD, sometimes .gov or .edu) • Funding comes from individual donors, foundations, government agencies • 15-25% goes to overhead; extreme pressure to keep these costs down
  3. 3. We build websites
  4. 4. We design online petitions
  5. 5. We design online donation forms
  6. 6. In 4 years, we’ve gone from this… Ben Designer, developer Ira Technical Project Manager Lesley Webmaster, communications Didn’t know each other at all…..
  7. 7. To this: + 6:
  8. 8. 8 Secret Sauce Ingredients 1. Partners 2. Careful projections 3. Biting the bullet 4. Good tools 5. Employees & company culture 6. Treasuring (and firing) customers 7. Communicating 8. Constant assessment Graphic credit: Drew Melton www.phraseologyproject.com
  9. 9. Photo credit: Bill Dickinson www.flickr.com/ photos/skynoir/ Partners Don’t go it alone – get partners!
  10. 10. Picking the Right Partners Partners Make sure you make a good team.
  11. 11. Careful Projections • What will you do? • What won’t you do? • Aim high, but make realistic predictions • Remember: Planning is guessing. Projections Create cautious expectations.
  12. 12. Biting the Bullet Bite the bullet Just do it!
  13. 13. The Tools • Project Management: TeamLab, Smartsheet • Timekeeping: BeeBole • Calling: Skype, UberConference • Contracts: CudaSign • Videoconferencing: Skype, Zoom • Wireframing: HotGloo, uxpin, balsamiq, Axure • User testing: OptimalWorkshop • Chatting: HipChat Good Tools Start free, pay when necessary & don’t be afraid to change!
  14. 14. P.S.
  15. 15. The Employees Employees & Culture Hire people you want to hang out with.
  16. 16. Our Customers This is Hannah. Customers Cultivate great relationships!
  17. 17. The Customers You’ll work hard to get them, but some customers aren’t worth keeping. Customers Cultivate great relationships, but KILL THE BAD ONES!
  18. 18. F*&%ing up Communicating My guarantee: you will mess up something …it’s all in the recovery! Have hard conversations quickly and bravely
  19. 19. Assessing Projects: budgeted versus actual hours Employees: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, every year Tools: constant assessment Budget: monthly Constantly Assess Check and check again.
  20. 20. Awesome Sauce Ingredients 1. Don’t go it alone…but do choose carefully 2. Create cautious projections 3. JUST DO IT 4. Use great tools 5. Hire remote, and prioritize company culture 6. Treasure (and fire) customers 7. Communicate carefully and respectfully 8. Constantly assess
  21. 21. cornershopcreative.com @cornershop Lesley@cornershopcreative.com @eckandgrumble Like us on Facebook to get a new music video every week