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Managing projects in the cloud just got easier with Project Online...

This presentation and video walks you through the different apps, services and subscriptions around Project Online, Project Server, Project Professional and PWA.

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Managing projects in the cloud just got easier with Project Online...

  1. 1. Office 365 Project Online Managing project just got easier…
  2. 2. Overview  Almost like clockwork, Microsoft releases a new service or app across its Office 365 offering, giving users more productivity and collaboration tools and services.  We’ll look at the different options related to Office 365 Project Online which is essentially Project Server in the cloud. What was once reserved as an on-premise Enterprise application built on SharePoint is now available as part of the Office 365 family of apps.
  3. 3. Office 365 Project Online (MSPO)  This is Microsoft’s entry into a “hosted” Project Server solution.  Project Server in the cloud.  Easier to manage and distribute project, resource and assignment information  Open’s up opportunities to share information outside corporate firewalls
  4. 4. Project Professional (Cloud-based vs On Premise):  Project Professional is the scheduling engine  Only necessary to those doing the “heavy lifting”  Subscription and non-subscription is how you pay for it  The Project Standard version does not connect to Project Server or Project Online
  5. 5. Project Web App (PWA)  The front end to Project Server or Project Online  Users browse to and are authenticated when connecting to PWA  PWA means the same thing with regards to Project Online and Project Server
  6. 6. Project Online Essentials  As a role based environment Project Essentials is reserved for team members  These users will only need access to PWA  Project Lite users will have access to assignments, status reports and important site information
  7. 7. Project Server 2016 (On-Premise)  The on premise version of Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management Solution  Built on SharePoint Enterprise 2016  Uses its own unique database for project, resource and site management
  8. 8. Project Server 2016 PWA  Separate end-user license for accessing PWA  Each user will need a license for PWA  Project Managers running Project Professional already have an inherent license for connecting to PWA