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N2N Newsletter Spring 2016

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N2N Newsletter Spring 2016

  1. 1. Donors: We are your doorknockers, and grass- roots lobbyists. Please give today so we can continue building power for your world and your liberation. Check out what you made possible: Victory as We March Toward Jobs Not Jails ⇒ Hot off the press! On March 30, the Governor signed legislation to transform the lives of 7,200 people a year — beginning immediately Without you, Olga Pedraza would be out of work and facing a 2 hour night-time bus commute to her one possible job prospect. Olga was sentenced by a system that imprisons our Black and Brown brothers and sisters at higher rates than any other country in the world. That injustice is then compounded by multiple barriers that stand in the way of finding work, and supporting a family. After a long search, Olga found work that plays to her skills as a compassionate counselor. However, a license is required for the job, and Olga faces fines of over $4,500 to renew her license. Olga channeled her frustration into joining Neighbor to Neighbor members and our allies at EPOCA, Voices From Inside, and MCAN in calling for removing this punitive policy. With you by our side, we joined our allies in passing legislation through the State House that would remove outrageous fees for people like Olga, who are reintegrating into the community after serving time in prison or on probation. Together we take on transforming a system that perpetuates injustice, and this victory brings us one key step closer to liberation. Olga Pedraza celebrates with a friend that the RMV bill will enable her to get a job she loves. A newsletter for special supporters like you who make all of this possible The New Majority, Spring 2016 – Your world. Your power. Your liberation. Neighbor to Neighbor—Massachusetts 15 Court Square, Suite 345 Boston, MA 02108 617-723-6866 / www.N2NMA.org
  2. 2. All because of you … ⇒ Mount Tom plant to be first in the nation to covert from coal to solar on site If you have met Rosa Gonzalez and Carmelo Diaz, you would know that they have the strength of David and are ready to take on Goliath. Rosa Gonzalez spent two winters in and out of the emergency room with respira- tory problems, and realized it was time to take action. Carmelo Diaz’s sister died of asthma complications affected by the coal plant in his hometown in Puerto Rico, and he could not stand for this injustice in his new home in Holyoke. Rosa and Carmelo knew that we could not stand idly by as a company that made $80 Billion in profits last year walked away from a derelict coal plant in the poorest city in the state. That is when you stepped in. Because of you, Carmelo and Rosa were able to dedi- cate the last four years to spearheading the call to move beyond coal to solar, as they engaged hundreds of others in holding bold actions to put forward their demands. Finally, on a cold Decem- ber night last year, just three days after Rosa organized one final press conference at City Hall, Mt. Tom coal plant own- ers ceded to our demands to: close the contaminating plant, tear down the asbestos filled smoke stack, and transition to renewable energy! Eager for more stories of what you make possible? Like us on Facebook! Check us out at Facebook.com/N2NMA You’ll find photos and videos of members in action, and invitations to N2N events in a city near yours. N2N members celebrate transition from coal to solar! Rosa & Carmelo take on the 2nd Largest Energy Company in the World, and Win Your dollars at work: You are standing up to the exploitation of your environment as you back activists like Rosa and Carmelo. Everything we achieve depends on you. Please renew your support today! www.N2NMA.org The New Majority, Spring 2016 – Your world. Your power. Your liberation.
  3. 3. Neighbor to Neighbor-Massachusetts Action Fund Report Thanks to your generous support: N2N knocked the ball out of the park in 2015! Your support last year provided N2N with the resources to knock 15,000 doors in just 3 months, and prepare 3,000 new and infre- quent voters to vote on Election Day. Thanks to you, we in- creased voter turn- out by 160% over the last comparable elec- tion in Marven’s ward in Lynn—preparing the ground for 2017. Join over 19,000 people following us on Twitter! Do you want to be in the know? Stay tuned in @N2NMA_Education & @N2NMA_Action ⇒ N2N members, Maria Carrasco and Adam Gomez won their campaigns for local office last fall, and Marven Hyppolite secured 37% of the vote — launching him into his 2017 bid for office "I will not rest until the issues and the voices of the people of this city are heard and addressed. This is just the beginning!" —- N2N member Marven Hyppolite You have chosen to support Neighbor to Neighbor at a critical time in history — when more and more power is going into the hands of the few. A handful of people on Wall Street have power beyond belief and are shaping the economy to work for the 1 percent. Marven, Maria, and Adam know that the answer to turning these trends around begins at home. As you join us in developing strong leadership and putting forward a vision of a compassionate, just new world, together we can take back our cities and govern from the ground up. Just as the conservative Right built power starting with school committees and town hall meetings, we can take back our cities and govern beginning locally. We can bring to our purple state, led by corporate Democrats, a political revolution. Thanks to support from donors like you to the N2N-MA Action Fund: N2N Members Govern From the Ground Up
  4. 4. The New Majority, Spring 2016 – Your world. Your power. Your liberation. Donors like you join monthly giving program: Mother-Daughter Invest In the Future — One Monthly Gift at a Time ⇒ Charlotte and Alison are devout N2N supporters, who shared with us what inspires them to give to Neighbor to Neighbor “I’m so excited about the Holyoke victory!” Exclaimed Alison Watkins, who has been an N2N monthly sustainer for three years. “You can litigate against big companies, and court order them to clean-up, but it’s never enough to address the harm.” “Neighbor to Neighbor’s coal plant victory is bigger than any I’ve heard about. It went beyond just closing to also transition to clean energy and meet the needs of the workers. The local community work that Neighbor to Neighbor engages in is the key to real change.” Alison’s mom, Charlotte Harrison, agreed: “The issues that N2N supports are important to me here and now - jobs not jails and the envi- ronment. And the work to organize voters means that more people have a voice in our democracy.” “Giving to N2N feels like the best single investment I can make in the long-term future of Massachusetts.” — Charlotte Harrison, N2N supporter for nearly 15 years Donors: Want a quick and easy way to sustain Neighbor to Neighbor? Click on the Donate Button online to give monthly! Sign up once and you never have to think about it again… Gloria and Carlos invite you to join Neighbor to Neighbor members as monthly sustainers Alison is a monthly sustainer because she can give to a cause she believes in and not break her budget by spreading out her gift in monthly installments. Interested in seeing N2N-MA’s Audited Financial Statements? Email Lena@n2nma.org to request a copy. www.N2NMA.org