leicester college technology and engineering centr leicester college ukoer leicestercollegeoer engscoer engsc edexcel engineering nqf l4 edexcel hn unit design manufacturing engineering science science design for manufacture hn edexcel hn unit design for manufacturing stress rotation nqfl4 beams kinetic energy design task function design brief brief design process bending shear force mechanical principals jigs fixtures belbin team roles potential slenderness ratio columns youngs modulus linear motion twisting statics bending moment shear force angular motion torsion strain stiffness engineeringengineering design engineering design macaulay macaulays method piosson poissons ratio workstations automation fms flexible selecting column and beams length compression beam moment modulus of section buckling loading radius of gyration loads gyration direct compressive stress section shaft power torsional torsional stiffness introduction to torsion torque load yield stress safety direct loading area introduction to stress shear mode elasticity factors of safety strength tensile strength tensile harmonic motion equations dynamics introduction to dynamics systems inertia motion edexcel hn unit engineering science edexcel hnd unit 2009-2010 tolerancing kinetic battery balancing of shafts battery shafts balancing energy storage flywheels mass rotating systems team task teams tolerance frame datum datum indications symbol construction orientation form tolerance geometric tolerancing runout geometric components location cartesian articulated polar jointed arm industrial robots work envelop robotics gantry robots robots arms cylindrical linear joints rotary joints robots robot joints rectilinear robots automated manual assembly assembly dfa guidelines assembly methods automated assembly guidelines for manual assembly experimenting teams effective teams undeveloped teams team working team development mature team consolidating team woodcock anaylsis hnd oer struts creative commons
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