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Mistletoe Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Are you thinking? • Should we outsource or not? • Will we get added value? • Will there be a net gain after agency fees have been paid? • How much effort and contribution will be required from our business?
  2. Let us tell you this. • When it comes to increasing ROI, inbound marketing is proven to be the best bang for your buck. • Through our approach and account management, on average, mistletoe creates a 50% uplift in performance when taking over a campaign from either an internal team or an agency. We’re confident we can alleviate any concerns and give you peace of mind
  3. What do we do? We help brands create perfect digital journeys by crafting industry-leading marketing campaigns. 1.. BRANDING 3.. BRAND MARKETING 2.. GROWTH MARKETING • Visual attributes of the Brand, Brand Identity creation, • Logo, signage, Print collaterals Low cost + High Returns = Growth Marketing • Search Engine optimization • Social media Marketing • Pay Per click Advertising • Inbound Marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Web Analytics • Online reputation Management • Viral marketing • Content marketing • Marketing Strategy and Planning • Integrated marketing communication INCREASE SALES | INCREASE REACH & VISBILITY | GENERATE LEADS | INCREASE ONLINE REPUTATION
  4. How do we do it? Our content engine drives customers in the desired direction. Best channels are channels are identified to maximise impact. THE BAIT CONTENT ENGINE We establish the best bait for the campaign that prospects can’t resist to respond to. A strong bait, engaging content and killer calls to action combine to create positive outcomes. Measuring each element, analysing the results and learning from them is the final step. This helps campaigns become more successful. 1. 2. 3. 4. OUTCOME MEASURE & REPEAT
  5. What else do we do? o Corporate Trainings in Digital marketing o Digital Marketing Workshops for Business students o Digital Marketing Job Assured Programs We also teach digital marketing and conduct various workshops
  6. Who are we? o We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to bringing ground breaking digital journeys for your brand . o Mistletoe was founded in Jan 2015 and is based out of Pune. o Latika Manaktala is the founder and the brand tailor . She has about 8 years of experience in Branding, Marketing , Digital marketing and Customer Loyalty. She has successfully spearheaded many marketing campaigns at Pan India level. o As a team we are social and love everything digital.
  7. Why work with us? • Hands on team which believes in HIGH VALUE CREATION for our clients. • Specially TAILORED strategies and solutions because one size doesn’t fit. • Optimized cost and ROI focus • Working with us is FUN • The team is FULL WITH IDEAS – we never restrict ourselves within any boundary. Try us, we are magical people indeed. We focus on what we’re good at, digital marketing, so that you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business.
  8. How much do we charge? This is the first question in the client’s mind even if they don’t ask upfront Our Goal is not to make Money from you, but to make MONEY TOGETHER!! Our Focus: Low cost + High Returns= Growth Marketing
  9. Our Happy Clients? Sinhgad Institutes
  10. How do you go about it? THINGS WE NEED TO KNOW TO CHURN OUT A KICK ASS PLAN FOR YOU:  Tell us about your Business  Give links to your Website Url and Social media Pages  What marketing support are you looking for?  What are your objectives through these marketing activities?  Have you decided your Media Spend Budget? (The Paid Budget)? Send these details to us at or simply call on 8390590147 to discuss how can we take your business to the next level.
  11. Pease scroll to see our case studies | Further scroll to learn SEO and SEM through comics Visit us at
  12. Want to learn what is SEO through a comics?  *Courtesy Aberdeen
  14. Have a look at our work at: studies-by-mistletoe/case studies CASE STUDIES

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