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How To Hit The Troubleshooting Bullseye With Sam McCullough

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Join us for a 30-minute session with guest speaker, Sam McCullough, Lambda Solutions’ Director of Client Experience, as he unpacks some of the most common Support questions.

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How To Hit The Troubleshooting Bullseye With Sam McCullough

  1. 1. WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET How to Hit the Troubleshooting Bullseye with Sam McCullough Presented by: Lambda Solutions
  2. 2. Presenters Erin Melvin - Presenter Director of Client Engagement Sam McCullough - Presenter Director of Customer Operations
  3. 3. Lambda Solutions 3 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  4. 4. Ask Questions 4 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET GoToWebinar Control Panel
  5. 5. ● What do we do? ● What can clients expect? ● A day in the life of a Lambda Solutions Support Agent Support at Lambda Solutions 5 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  6. 6. ● What is troubleshooting? ● What are three things clients can do when they experience a problem/issue with their LMS? ● What makes a good support ticket? Troubleshooting 6 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  7. 7. Common Questions 7 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  8. 8. ● Site upgrades ○ Frequency ○ Effect on users ● What is a long-term support release? ● Staging Site ● Security best practices ● Authentication and SSO Common Questions: Site 8 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  9. 9. ● What is maintenance mode and how can a site administrator turn it off? ● What is debugging and how can I turn it off? ● What is purging site cache and is it safe to do? ● What are Legacy Files and what should I do with them? Common Questions: Site 9 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  10. 10. ● What are plugins? ● What are the most common plugins? ● What is your plugin approval process? ● Do you build custom plugins? Common Questions: Plugins 10 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  11. 11. ● Can you explain the difference between groups, cohorts, and audiences? ● What’s the difference between Custom Certificate and Certificate? ● Can you provide some advice on Shared Question banks? ○ How to manage duplicate questions? ● SCORM Package completion status ○ How do you match the completion status of the package to the activity? ● Language pack customizations ○ How do you find a language string to change it? ○ Multi-Language Filter plugin Common Questions: Courses 11 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  12. 12. We didn’t get to cover all the questions in our session today, but we will have an Ask Me Anything session in December, and we’ll bring these questions back, so stay tuned! Note to viewers: 12 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  13. 13. Your Questions 13 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  14. 14. November: Top 5 December: Ask Me Anything! Top 5 eLearning Best Practices ● Tuesday November 5, 10am PT / 1pm ET Top 5 Learning Analytics Musts ● Tuesday November 12, 10am PT / 1pm ET Upcoming Sessions 14 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  15. 15. Contact Us Phone: 1.877.694.5289 Email: Support@lambdasolutions.net Web: www.lambdasolutions.net 15 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET