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LaBresha LaDay PPP

LaBresha LaDay
Full Sail University
Personal Communication Presentation
Final PPP
Instructor Melton

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LaBresha LaDay PPP

  1. 1. Hello music lover my name is LaBresha LaDay
  2. 2. Music is my life…
  3. 3. My dream is to own a record label
  4. 4. Why am I the best candidate for your company?
  5. 5. I have a great ear and passion for music
  6. 6. My brand mantra is Love Life’s Music (LLM)
  7. 7. LLM is learning to love life’s lessons by song
  8. 8. LLM stems from Love Every Lyric
  9. 9. Love Every Lyric is my future company
  10. 10. How does this affect you?
  11. 11. Don’t you enjoy music that brings meaning to your daily life?
  12. 12. Real music creates peace and understanding
  13. 13. Vibrations of music can benefit humanity
  14. 14. I’ve developed skills to ensure quality in the music industry
  15. 15. Studying at Full Sail University for my Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business
  16. 16. Full Sail helped my time management and digital design skills
  17. 17. Design skills utilized for music videos, album design, and social media management
  18. 18. Academic honesty, professionalism, APA- formatting = honesty, loyalty, and respect
  19. 19. 9 Years of customer service experience
  20. 20. Experience taught me good work ethic, leadership skills, and empathy
  21. 21. Cast member, to Team Lead then Birthday Coordinator
  22. 22. Customer service representative in insurance and health
  23. 23. Empathy and communication skills from technical troubleshooting and retail
  24. 24. Education + Employment Experience = Success
  25. 25. “Music is a passionate hobby until you can afford to create it as your passionate career” –LaBresha LaDay Contact Me Lelyric@outlook.com Leladay@fullsail.edu https://www.linkedin.com/ in/labresha-laday- 247346b5
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