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  1. Prepared by LJ Scott September 26th 2010
  2. Greetings fellow music marketing pioneers… As a Certified Topspin Consultant and Digital Marketing Professional I recognize that a largely missing component of the artist and fan relationship is solidifying a direct connection at the most opportune moment…The Live Performance. Also, as a seasoned live performer I recognize that the current method of obtaining a tangible, direct connection with the fan (“sign our email list, find us on myspace”) is archaic and mostly ineffective. That is why I developed this unique mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android phones. What this app does is connect the artist and fan at a live performance as never before. The consumer is incentivized to opt into a permission based relationship with rewards of instant media, exclusive offers and more. A symbiotic connection is achieved that can be retained and nurtured into a valuable and loyal fan for a long time to come. Please note: I am actively seeking partners, investors and advisors to assist in bringing this app to it’s full potential.
  3. Just Some Benefits to the Fan (consumer): • Instant reward for following the artist (joining the artists’ list) • A new, exciting and intimate level of engagement with the artist. • Instant exclusive offers for discounts at the merch table. • Easy connection to the artists social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc) • Instant updates via direct messaging in the app about new shows. • Easy to opt-in and opt-out from the list (no fear of being “locked in”) • Ability to “check in” to future shows by the artist for special offers at that event. • Multiple lists on one app. • Media (mp3s, videos) will be accessible on the app and links to physical file is sent via email.
  4. Just Some Benefits for the Artist: •Direct method of connection and engagement between artist and fan. •Instant “opt In” method for future contact and offers. •Instant distribution of digital material such as Mp3s and or Video. •Direct sales incentives with Instant discount offers at merch table. •Direct offers to future shows. •Incentives and rewards attendance to future shows. •Easily manageable contact lists instantly separated by date, locations and venues. •Ability to sell merchandise, music and tickets directly through the app.
  5. How this app is different than any other: “ This app is great, whoever gets this app will have a very powerful tool” Mike King, Topspin Instructor and author of “Music Marketing” This is a location based mobile music application that recognizes where you are and will display the event you are attending as well as other events in your area that day or coming soon. As there are other apps that let you “check in” or maybe join a “guest or VIP list” and another that let’s you join a “fan list”, this is the only app that instantly rewards the user with digital content from the artist as well as exclusive offers; all done through each users mobile device. This app also put the power in the hands of the fan rather than the artist burdened with having to “pass around” a mobile device to collect names and emails from the crowd as other apps do now.
  6. Here is a brief demonstration of a user’s experience: The Call to Action Users will be notified about this free, new application via signage and printed materials such as banners, display cards, flyers and posters throughout the venue. These will be reinforced by an announcement from the emcee and or band on stage. Video spots should also be used when applicable. Getting the APP The user will then go to their provider’s marketplace or store to download the app for free to their mobile device. The user will then be asked to register or log in.
  7. Registration: The app will require the user to register 3 simple forms of information. •The users first and last name. •The users email address. A password to log in to their account. This information is required only once and is stored for future opt-ins. A returning user will be logged in automatically when the app is opened.
  8. Events : Recognizing Location The app will then display events based on the users current location. The first event displayed will be the venue they are attending. The artists’ name and thumbnail image will be displayed along with the date and title of the event. Here the user will select the artist they are interested in following. Since each artist has their own list, It is possible that there may be two or more separate artists listed for the same event.
  9. Following an Artist and Joining the List (Opt In): The next screen the users sees is the Event Details screen. Here they will see all of the benefits for joining the artists list. This will be at least one digital media file such as an Mp3 or Mp4 video. Other offers could be a discount on merch at the merch table or maybe an invite to the after party or a backstage pass. The artists can get very creative. The user will have 3 options here… 1. Follow and Add to My Wire 2. Follow The Artist 3. Add To My Wire Only
  10. Opt-In Confirmation: Once the user makes their decision, a “pop up” alert will ask them if they agree to be contacted in the future from the artist regarding updates, news and offers. The user will then click “AGREE” or “No Thanks”. If the user agrees to follow the artist for the offers, four things will happen immediately. 1. The user will receive an email with a link to the digital file so they can add it to their media library. 2. The artist will be added to the users “ My Artists” list. 3. The digital media offers will be instantly available to stream through the app. 4. The users name and direct contact information is added and stored in the artists fan database. The artist can access and export this list via the Live Wire web portal at any time.
  11. My Artists List: Once the user agrees to follow the artist they will be redirected to the “My Artists” list. Here all of the artists that the user follows will be listed in alphanumerical order. The “My Artists” tab menu icon will have a badge with a number, this number refers to the number of artists that have added a new event. If the artist has a new event they will have a badge displayed by their name saying “ New”. The user can click on an artist in order to access their media as well as see their upcoming event details and connect with the artist.
  12. Artist Details: This screen also displays the artists genres and hometown along with the number of users currently “Following” this artist in the Live Wire system. The user can also purchase music and merch from the artist directly through the app.
  13. Media and Events: Clicking on Media will display the artist offered media ready to stream in the app. The Media is separated by Audio and Video. Clicking events will display all of the artists upcoming shows by date. Selecting any date will Give the user the details and offers for those shows as well.
  14. Media Playback: The audio will play on the media screen and will have a pause button to stop the audio stream. The video will open in a new screen and play directly in the app. Depending on the position of the device the video screen will resize to maintain the optimal visual ratio.
  15. Social Channels and Website: The users can connect to all the artists’ social media channels and official website, directly through the app.
  16. Venues: The venues screen will display all live music venues closest to the user based on their current location and up to a 50 mile radius. Clicking on a venue will show what registered Live Wire events and artists are playing there.
  17. My Wire: The My Wire screen is a listing of events that the user plans to attend. Here they can see the details of the event and buy tickets through the app.
  18. Current Status: The Live Wire Mobile Application is available for iPhones : iPads : Android Next Phase and Future Features: The next phase of this system is to completely build out the web-side so an artist and venue can add their own information and events. After that I plan to add more functions and features such as … Recommendations Discovery Sharing your location to social channels Google Maps for Venues A Points and Rewards system And much more
  19. In Conclusion: Thanks for taking the time to read through this presentation. I hope you find the potential of this new mobile music application as exciting as I do. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out. LJ Scott Los Angeles, CA As a freelance Digital Marketing Specialist looking for a permanent, full time gig; I partly developed this application as a calling card of my abilities, passion and vision. I have recently interviewed for full time positions with companies like Live Nation, Warner Brothers, Disney, Guitar Center, Zildjian and more. If you feel your organization would benefit from my experience, dedication and passion for music, marketing and technology; please feel free to inquire. I am based in the Los Angeles area but am willing to relocate for the right opportunity.