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Live Webinar: Get More Out of LinkedIn Marketing with Tips From Our Team

  1. #LinkedInMktg Keith Richey Director, Global Marketing August 25, 2015 Get More Out of LinkedIn Marketing with Tips From Our Team
  2. 2 How to Engage with Us  Got a question? Submit it in the Webex Q&A box  Recorded? Of course!  Feedback? Survey will be available at the end of the Webinar  Follow us:  Twitter: @LinkedInMktg  LinkedIn
  3. 3 Agenda for Today’s Webinar  The marketing challenge  Our content marketing approach  Our best practices on LinkedIn
  4. #LinkedInMktg It’s a challenging world Before customers reach out directly Source: Forrester, “Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyer’s Journey” Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google
  6. #LinkedInMktg Not more content, more relevant content
  7. #LinkedInMktg The visual is the new headline!
  8. #LinkedInMktg Big Rock content fuels performance
  9. #LinkedInMktg 9 Extend the mileage with ‘turkey slices’
  10. #LinkedInMktg Driving leads with content MQL Lead Capture No Yes RevenueSales SDR Sales Qualified? BIG ROCK (Gated) Nurture No Yes
  11. #LinkedInMktg All it takes is creativity, consistency, and effective distribution
  12. Publishing Platform
  13. Publishing Platform 1M Posts 10K Posts/Day
  14. #LinkedInMktg 14 Onsite Display Network Display Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail Lead Accelerator Full-funnel analytics & reporting products that impact every stage of your funnel and get results
  15. #LinkedInMktg • Target LinkedIn members with accuracy to drive brand objectives • Engage your audience in a high quality professional context • Deploy a variety of formats Reach and engage more than 300M professionals LinkedIn Onsite Display
  16. #LinkedInMktg • Reach quality new audiences • Drive them to our site • Distribute top funnel content Example – Brand Awareness
  17. #LinkedInMktg 17 Example – Share of Voice Sponsored Updates + Onsite Display = more leads Running Onsite Display together with Sponsored Updates allows us to have a greater share of voice, increasing the performance across channels.
  18. #LinkedInMktg • Target professionals with accuracy and scale across the web • Reach your audience with frequency • Engage prospects on LinkedIn and beyond • Measure the impact of your programs Reach the right professionals wherever they travel LinkedIn Network Display
  19. #LinkedInMktg 19 Example – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions  Driving visitors to our site  All IAB ad units for maximum performance
  20. #LinkedInMktg Deliver rich content in the LinkedIn feed across all devices LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  21. #LinkedInMktg LinkedIn Showcase Page is a key content hub
  22. #LinkedInMktg  Customer engagement  Quality traffic  High quality leads – 30% of leads in any quarter Sponsored Updates drive results
  23. #LinkedInMktg #LinkedInMktg
  24. #LinkedInMktg Sponsored Updates best practices 24 • Visual is the new headline • Keep it short & sweet • Snackable stats work wonders • Variety is the spice of life
  25. #LinkedInMktg With Direct Sponsored Content, reach your target audience without publishing on your Company Page Personalize Test Control
  26. #LinkedInMktg
  27. #LinkedInMktg Week 1: Funnel vs Marketer Photo
  28. #LinkedInMktg
  29. #LinkedInMktg Drive more leads and get the attention of your highest-value audiences on LinkedIn with targeted messages delivered right to their inboxes LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  30. #LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail: Targeted and personalized message delivered to the most engaged professional audience Raise brand awareness Drive Quality Leads Build Customer Relationships
  31. #LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail is a great way to expand the reach of your campaigns • Campaign: o FinanceConnect Live Event – May 7, 2015 o Promoting the streaming version of event o Email was the primary channel for promotion • Solution: Sponsored InMail to new prospects not in our email database
  32. #LinkedInMktg InMail delivers a big registration boost 24.61% Open Rate 0.74% CTR 41.75% Open Rate 8.71% CTR
  33. #LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail is great tool for A/B Testing • Campaign: o Webinar “Harnessing the Power of the Full Funnel” in April 2015 o Promoted via email, Sponsored updates, blog and social media • Sponsored InMail Campaign o A/B Test the sender of the email o Hypothesis: Sends from a person will drive more registrations then from a company
  34. #LinkedInMktg Which performs better: from a Person or Company? 3.9% CTR 7.6% CTR
  35. #LinkedInMktg 35 Sponsored InMail Drove 47% of Registrations
  36. #LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail best practices 36 • Use targeting on LinkedIn to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time • Create a compelling inbox preview to drive opens • Develop personalized content that helps, vs strictly sells • Optimize your content for mobile engagement • Create a simple landing page with clear conversion path
  37. #LinkedInMktg DISPLAY AD • Convert the 95% of web visitors who don’t provide email • Engage the 80% of known prospects who don’t open email • Evaluate the impact of your nurture programs Deliver more high quality leads to your sales teams by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content LinkedIn Lead Accelerator 3 7 John Smith DISPLAY AD #1 SU #1 #1
  38. #LinkedInMktg LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Marketing automation for display and social advertising
  39. #LinkedInMktg Our Lead Accelerator streams Homepage Bouncers“Engaged” Lead Accelerator Sponsored Updates Week 1 Week3Week2
  40. #LinkedInMktg Measurement for Success: • Quality Traffic • Engagement • MQLs • Pipeline Success metrics
  41. #LinkedInMktg Measurement for Success: • Quality Traffic – 72% Manager+ • Engagement – 24X blog visitors YOY • MQLs – 68% of MQLs from content • Pipeline – 35% new biz from marketing Success metrics
  42. #LinkedInMktg

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. I’m Keith Nice to be with you today, thanks for joining I’m going to share what’s new with LinkedIn that’s going to help you succeed with marketing I’ll take questions at the end Let’s get started
  2. A little about us… a lot about you We’ll use examples from customers as well as our own campaigns
  3. As a marketer, you know it’s becoming increasingly difficult to influence purchase decisions. The buyers journey is non-linear and people are making it through 90% of it before they reach out directly. Today’s empowered consumers have multiple tools in hand to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on. And content is playing a huge role in the decision journey, making it easier for people to go through 90% of the journey. --------------- But brands do have an ‘in’ here. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase. So once you view the journey from the perspective of sharing content, it actually simplifies: you’re trying to reach the right people, and then nurture them, largely with content, until you acquire them
  4. Our blog is the centerpiece Blog gets leveraged in these channels, and we use it to feed a lot of the content in our sponsored updates
  5. Our Average Attention Span Is Now 8 Seconds – 1 Second Less Than A Goldfish According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. That’s right, goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds – 1 second more than you and I.
  6. We aim to develop on ‘big rock’ per quarter, that will drive a lot of lead gen and can be carved up into smaller, snackable pieces to extend the shelf life. This was the dream of Jason Miller our content marketer who we hired last year, and it drove 40% of all leads in Q1, Q2 and Q3.
  7. I mentioned turkey slices on the previous slide, here’s how we carved up the Sophisticated Guide
  8. There are 3 keys to success with content marketing on LinkedIn: have an effective messaging strategy, get it in front of the right people, and understand the business problem you are trying to solve so you can put the right metrics into place. We’ve talked about effective messaging. Let’s talk targeting because that has been LinkedIn’s sweet spot since day one. Whether choosing to distribute content through sponsored updates, sponsored InMail, or good old banner campaigns, here’s a great place to start to understand LinkedIn’s targeting. It’s the self-serve ads platform available at and you don’t have to put down a credit card to explore the targeting tool.
  9. How we drive content
  10. Stay on radar early in the purchase cycle If context is king, professional context of LI Onsite Display Put your brand in front of 340M professionals in the premium, high quality context of LinkedIn IAB-standard ads, and ad formats unique to LinkedIn like including Company Ads, Spotlight Ads What we use it for Brand Awareness Share of voice How we measure CTR CVR
  11. If you care about context + frequency, getting in front of the right audiences Reach prospects with accuracy & scale On LinkedIn, across LInkedIn’s network of 2500+ business publisher sites -- by targeting them through the Ad Exchanges but always in a brand safe environment. Access to reporting What we use it for Reach new audiences Brand Awareness How we measure it CTR New Visitors Cost Per New Visitor
  12. Down the funnel Great for sharing content, in the feed, where people are most engaged Across desktop, tablet and smartphone. Upper funnel and lower funnel objectives
  13. Showcase pages are extensions of the Company Page designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative
  14. Lower half of the funnel where direct response goals reign supreme, Sponsored InMail is a game changer in terms of taking email marketing effectiveness to the next level. Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn. Dynamic delivery Optimized for mobile 60 day exclusive 40% Open rate
  15. Sponsored InMail is a game changer in terms of taking email marketing effectiveness to the next level. Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn. Our customers use Sponsored InMail to drive tangible DR metrics – leads, CPL, pipeline. And, they do that by getting the attention of the audiences they care about on by delivering targeted, personalized messages right into their LInkedIn inbox. It’s an establish product we’ve made even better including launching mobile in 2012
  16. Facilitator Notes: Targeting with InMail: Educate customers on value of our audience Targeting best practices Ideal target audience size
  17. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator helps you get to the ultimate goal -- lead conversions, pipeline contribution, customer acquisition an entirely new way to nurture your prospects. In fact, the very simple way to think about Lead Accelerator is that it is a marketing automation for digital media. Use Lead Accelerator to deliver more high-quality leads by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content. Reach the 95% who don’t fill in a form The 80% who don’t open email
  18. Here are the 5 steps to deploying Lead Accelerator.