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Welcome to DREaM3

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Welcome slides for the LIS DREaM workshop 3 at the Britist Library on Monday 30th January 2012.

Further details about this event can be found at http://lisresearch.org/dream-project/dream-event-3-workshop-monday-30-january-2012/

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Welcome to DREaM3

  1. 1. Welcome and Introduction Professor Hazel Hall @hazelhDREaM Project Principal Investigator
  2. 2. Welcome all!• It didn’t snow and we all made it – Hurrah!• Thank you to the British Library for hosting us today – with special thanks to Rossitza
  3. 3. This presentation• Practicalities• DREaM project news• DREaM network member news• #lis_dream5 news
  4. 4. Practicalities• Fire exits and alarms• “Light touch” chairing – Charles in the morning, Hazel in the afternoon• Twitter hashtag is #lis_dream3• At the end of the day – Please return badges and evaluation forms• Materials online next week – Blog reports by midday Monday 6th February please
  5. 5. DREaM project news• All materials from #lis_dream2 posted online the week after the event – Thank you Kirsty, thank you bloggers• Paper on the project accepted for QQML – Thank you Charles, thank you Alison• Article on the network in preparation – Thank you Louise• Initial investigations into follow-on grant
  6. 6. We’ve done some community house-keeping• Thank you everyone, especially Christine
  7. 7. DREaM network member news• Lauren has moved to Glasgow and started her PhD• Katie and Audrey have new jobs• Alison announced runner-up Information World Review Information Professional of the Year 2011
  8. 8. Research in LibrarianshipImpact Evaluation Studyreport now availablehttp://www.researchinfonet.org/libraries/rilies/Follow-up study RiLIES2 due tostart next month
  9. 9. Concluding conference• Monday 9th July• British Library• Registrations open in the spring (March)• Programme available:http://lisresearch.org/dream- project/dream-event-5-conference- monday-9-july-2012/
  10. 10. Practitioner research excellence award (£500)• to individual practitioner or team of practitioners• in UK or Republic of Ireland• for work since 2009Key dates• Nominate by 30th April 2012• Award at #lis_dream5
  11. 11. Dr Ben Goldacre @bengoldacre • #lis_dream5 closing keynote speaker • Research, evidence bases, decision making, and policy • Ben will also present the award • http://www.badscience.net/ about-dr-ben-goldacre/Photo credit: Rhys Stacker
  12. 12. Today’s speakers: Peter, Tom, Mike and Nick
  13. 13. Enjoy the day!