Brundrett. 2015

2. Feb 2017

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Brundrett. 2015

  1. Fast is a Feature
  2. 11 mentions of speed in Apple iPhone 6 keynote
  3. What does this mean for mobile journalism?
  4. You have less than 10 seconds “A 10-second delay will often make users leave a site immediately.” - Jakob Nielsen
  5. On mobile you have 1 second “Our research says page load times above one second interrupt user flow of thought.” - Google
  6. Put something on the screen in 1 second
  7. 1000 ms - 200 ms of 3G network latency - 200 ms of domain name lookup - 200 ms of HTTP request loop 400 ms
  8. You really only have 400 milliseconds
  9. Average site load on mobile is 7 seconds
  10. Text Images Video Interactives Context Ads 3rd party buttons (social) ‘Read more’ Comments
  11. Easy, just build a native app
  12. native apps are fast but hard to find
  13. Search 20% of Google searches are on mobile Google tracks page load time and uses it as a signal
  14. Social Is Mobile is Social In-App Browsers
  15. Facebook thinks your pages are too slow… and they’ll be happy to host your content!
  16. Making data-informed trade-offs (building products)
  17. How fast is Vox Media on mobile? Never fast enough
  18. 15 seconds first load 9 seconds repeat load
  19. 5 seconds first load 1 second repeat load
  20. Performance Dashboard Make speed a company-wide metric like unique visitors
  21. Inline Performance Metrics Measure. Optimize. Test.
  22. Dedicated performance team: 3 engineers
  23. Fast Cars Need Good Drivers Speed isn’t just about technology, it’s about being quick to deliver the news
  24. Thanks! Trei Brundrett Chief Product Officer Vox Media @clockwerks