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Not getting inquiry from seo

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Not Getting Inq

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Not getting inquiry from seo

  1. 1. How to Make Perfect Landing Page?Many Peoples Now a Days Stressing That We Have Designed an Eye-catching Web Design, Invest Too Much Money in SEO and PPC.Then Why We are Not Getting Appropriate ROI or No Advantage?Answers are Many But in Mostly Situations Response is only and that is Landing Page.You Should Keep Enhancing Landing Page
  2. 2. Here I am going to Give You Some Guidelines to Enhance Your Landing page which are as Below.1st) Landing Page Should Be Fast to Load. Loading Time in Your Landing page Should Not Be High or Wait able.2nd) Make Inquiry or Do Inquiry Now Form Must Be Existing in your landing page and it Will Produce 50% More ROI than Your Anticipate.3rd) Your Landing page Should Not Have Outer Links Which Tosses Individual out of Your Landing Page or routed Your Visitors to Other Web page.
  3. 3.  4th) Your Make Inquiry or Do Inquiry Now Form on landing page Should Not Be Too Long as No is free for you to Complete Big Community for You for Your Attention. So Make is Little Max Fields Should be 4 only. 5th) One Image or Button of Contact Us Should Be Present in Your Landing Page Which Route Users to Contact You. 6th) Make Your Mobile No or Contact Details with Information Board on Landing page so That User Can Get in touch with you. 7th) Dont Put Confusing or Any Extra Images, Video , Sound or Any Other Media in Your Landing page Which Neglect Mind of Visitor from Your Web page.
  4. 4. For More Articles and Web Technology and Web Design MelbourneFor More Contact Us onseo@klixmedia.net.au or visit us onhttp://www.webdatadesign.com.auThanks n RegardsMr Dhawal BarotOnline Marketing ManagerKlix Media Pvt LtdCell : +91-9408224105