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How to make money while you’re in school

  1. How to make money while you’re in school College is expensive! There are bills to be paid, weekends to spend out, and shopping to do. While we can’t promise to make you rich by the time you graduate, here are five solid ways to increase your cash flow, college-style.
  2. Way 1: Work-Study Most colleges have limited positions available for students who qualify. These jobs are great because they’re designed not to interfere with your course work and are always close by. Work study won’t bring in a ton of cash, but if you budget carefully, it can help you make ends meet each month.
  3. Way 2: Tutoring Have a knack for physics? Happen to be a great writer? Know more than the average student about classical music? Put your skills to good use and start earning by tutoring your classmates. One of the best parts about being a tutor is that you decide how much you make by setting your own prices and hours. Some colleges offer training programs for student tutors, so be sure to ask around.
  4. Way 3: Part Time Jobs You probably won’t find part-time gigs around town on the big job websites. Instead, pound the pavement: visit the stores near your college and ask the manager for a job application. Even if they aren’t hiring at the moment it’s a good idea to fill one out so that, when they do need help, your name is at the top of the list.
  5. Way 3: Part Time Jobs
  6. Way 3: Part Time Jobs
  7. Way 4: Babysitting Many colleges and universities have lab schools set up for local kids and the children of professors. All of those parents need babysitters from time to time. When families find a sitter they like they’re usually very loyal, which could mean a steady stream of income for you.
  8. Way 5: Lab Rat University science, psychology, and sociology departments often conduct experiments that require volunteer subjects. In exchange for your time, they’ll often compensate you with pay. Keep an eye out for advertisements in the university press and flyers around campus. While being a lab rat may not be your calling, it can be a great way to pull in quick cash.
  9. Remember the reason you’re in college: No matter how you choose to make extra money in school, remember the reason you’re in college: to get an education that will help you for the rest of your life. Although it’s tempting to pile on the hours at a part time job and sacrifice study sessions in the name of pocket money, keep your eye on the prize of graduation.