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Technology use in the educational setting

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Technology use in the educational setting

  1. 1. Technology Use in the Educational Setting ED-505 Curriculum Development Averett University Kim C. Hopkins
  2. 2. My Philosophy of Technology Use in the Educational Setting O Technology use is beneficial for instruction. O Most students have high interest and high ability with using technological tools. O Technology use helps to keep students engaged and aids in the transference of knowledge. O There needs to be a balance when incorporating technology into instruction so that important peer and teacher interactions are not lost.
  3. 3. Role of the Teacher O When using technology in instruction teachers should: O Direct student’s learning according to the planned instruction O Facilitate student’s learning by designing age-appropriate technology-based activities and interact with students in activities to expand their knowledge and skills
  4. 4. Role of Student O Students will participate in technology- based lessons and activities designed by the teacher. O Students will be able to choose from a variety of technology tools based on their interest .
  5. 5. Effective Technology Use in the Classroom Setting O Boardmaker program to create picture schedules to help with transitions or picture cues or prompts to facilitate language. O Children freely using touch screens with a variety of developmentally appropriate interactive computer software. O Record children’s stories about their drawings or their play and make digital audio or video recording to document progress. O Digital storytelling with children O Using document cameras to explore and project a variety of items onto the Smart board. O Provide access to photos or videos of things children may not have the opportunity to experience.
  6. 6. Ineffective Technology Use in the Classroom Setting O Separates the student from the teacher or his or her peers O No clear connection to learning and when used just to take up time O Doesn’t help to accomplish learning goals and objectives. O Poor or no instruction on the appropriate use of technology tools