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  1. 1. 26,MAKARDAH ROAD, FLAT NO. "200A", 2ND FLOOR, KADAMTALA, HOWRAH – 711 101(W.B) INDIA. Phone 033-2677-5403,2643-9317 E-mail:kdatta72@yahoo.com kdatta72@gmail.com Mobile:9830962611/ 9903331114 KAUSTUBH DATTAKAUSTUBH DATTA SUMMARY–Logistics &SupplyChainProfessionalSUMMARY–Logistics &SupplyChainProfessional Education  1991–1994 -B.Com - Narasingha Dutt College, Calcutta University, West Bengal.  1998 –2001- Post Graduate Diploma In Transportation And Logistics Management, Indian Institute Of Social Welfare And Business Management (IISW&BM), Calcutta, West Bengal .  Pursued 1 year Honours Diploma in Computer Science from Lakhotia Computer Centre, Durgapur Chapter in the year 1997(Windows, Foxpro, C, Unix, System Scheduling Analysing and Designing (SSAD)). Date of Birth 21st April , 1972 Project Handled Project Handled at ITC Tribeni Tissue on : 1. Import Clearance of Wood pulp Shipments, Loading, Unloading & delivery to Mill and Outside Godown. 2. Clearance of Outstation consignment from Transporter’s Godown, collection & delivery to Mill. Core Competencies 1.Planning (Production and Despatch) 2.Forecasting (Production and Demand) 3.Contract Management / Import Procurement 4.Warehouse Planning and Management 5.Co-ordination 6.Vendor Development 7.New Business Development 8.Co-ordination of S.Tax, Customs matters 9.Transportation Contract 10.Recruitment 11.Liasioning with diff. Govt. bodies and Pvt. bodies for running of the business. 12.C&F Operations & EXIM with Custom Formalities. 13. Custom Bond operation (Warehousing & Manufacturing) Professional activities Logistics/Supply Chain – Experience  Presently working with Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. a PSU under Ministry of Defence as Senior Manager- Materials and looking after Import Procurement, Import & Export operations, Customs Bonded Operation, All India and Global Transportation Management, Project Transportation since February,2008 to till date. (Detailed in Annexure-A below).  Worked with Kochi Logistics Services (P) Ltd from November 2006 and looked after Eastern Region as Head of Operation in the position of Asst. Manager till January,2008.  Worked with Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd as Asst. Manager Supply Chain looking after All India Operations from Gurgaon from October’2005 to March’2006. Job Profile Include:  All India Production and Despatch Plan.  All India 3rd party Production and Despatch plan. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2.  All India Inventory Control ,Warehouse Maintenance and finalisation of M.S.L.  Finalising contract with 3rd Party Suppliers.  Finalising All India Rate contract with Tranporters.  Daily Interaction with Branch, Factory and 3rd Party Suppliers.  Interaction with Finance Department for Fund Allocation to different suppliers.  Interaction with Marketing Deptt. with respect to Sales promotional activities.  Worked with TITAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED as a Supply Chain Co- ordinator (EAST) from MAY,2005 to September,2005. Job Profile includes:  Inventory control, Warehouse Maintenance and Monitoring, C&F Monitoring, Co-Ordination with Sales Team, Factories, H.O and Transporters/Couriers as well as with Insurance Cos.(TATA-AIG). Doing Demand forecasting for entire Region and follow-up of despatches. All above activities is being carried out in SAP R/3 and APO.  Worked with Shalimar Paints Ltd. for more than 3 (three) years as an Logistics Executive from December, 2001 to April,2005 and performed the various below mentioned activities:  Monthly Planning of all India Production Plan for 3 Plants at different locations,  Monthly Planning of all India Despatch Plan, from 3 plants to all branches and depots,  Handling All India Inventory level i.e Standardizing M.S.L for every branch for every monthly, quarterly and annually,  Inter Branch Stock transfer,  Keeping track of monthly Stock-In-Transit  Looking after warehousing system of Plant location and all India branches.  Looking After Contractual Indents, Stock Indents, Addition and cancellation of materials of all branches & depots (including export ),  Maintaining Compliance between Production (Plan and Actual) and Despatch (Plan and Actual),  Interaction with Production and Branch on daily basis,  Fleet Management and Load Scheduling of trucks on daily basis,  Different MIS reports.  Placing orders on different Suppliers.  Interaction with Excise Deptt. for clearence of materials.  Above all operational activities are performed through E.R.P (RAMCO E-Apps) from its implementation time and UNIX. Accounting Experience  Worked in V.K. Bhutra & Co. (Chartered Accountant) as Assistant Accountant and E.D.P incharge (using TALLY, FACT, MS-OFFICE, FOXPRO) for more than 2(two) years. Here I used to look after total E.D.P Section as well as use to finalize accounts for Individuals and Corporates, management of Cash. Did Statutory Audit of Banks also.  Worked in Nidhi Investment as Accounts Executive (Share Broking & Consulting Firm) at Durgapur for 3(Three) Years. Here I used to maintain total Computerised Accounts. Languages English, Bengali, Hindi Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Hobbies Listening to Music Annexure-A KAUSTUBH DATTA JOB PROFILE AT GARDEN REACH SHIPBUILDERS & ENGINEERS LTD. A . Responsibilities in Import & Export Department. 1. Import procurement 2. Liasioning with Foreign Vendors. 3. Arrangement of Letter of Credit with Banks 4. Arrangement Clearance of Imported Consignments for Air and Sea 5. MIS Generation of Imported Consignments 6. Classification of Imported Consignments 7. Co-ordination with Stores for faster clearance of Container / Imported Consignments. 8. Co-ordination with Shipping Agents / Forwarding Agents/ Airlines. 9. Co-ordination with Customs. 10. Keeping track & Maintenance of Petty Cash related to Clearance. 11. Visiting Airport / Sea Port for clearance for faster / same day clearance of Imported Consignment. 12. Collection of Delivery Order from Shipping Co. / Forwarding Agents. 13. Bill checking / Passing for Forwarding Agents. 14. Bill checking / Passing for Transporters for transportation of Imported Consignments. 15. Liasioning with Container Freight Stations. 16. Tracking / Maintenance of Customs ACP status. 17. Arrangement for Exportation of Repair & Returns of Imported Consignments. 18. Liasioning with Transporters for placement of Trailer / vehicle at Sea Port / Airport / CFS. 19. Manpower Deployment Planning. 20. Floating Tender through e-procurement and placing order on Freight Forwarding Agents, Transporter for clearance inside & outside Kolkata (All India Basis) 21. Finalising contract for International movement of goods through Air & Sea. 22. Looking after total Customs Bonded Operation for Import Clearance as well as Manufacturing operation under Custom Bond. 23. Did 1st time warship export (CGS Baracuda) from India and complete debonding formalities at Customs with a savings in the tune of Rs. 17 cr. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. B. Responsibilities at Service & Despatch Deptt. 1. Liasioning with Transporters – local & outstation. 2. Tender Processing and placement of Order on Transporter – Local & outstation. 3. Liasioning with Transporters for placement of vehicle – local & outstation. 4. Tracking of In-Transit (Incoming / outgoing) vehicle / consignment. 5. Liasioning with different Stores and production for placement of vehicle / pickup of consignment from stores / Suppliers point – local as well as All India Basis. 6. Issue & Generation of Online Waybill, Tracking of waybill 7. Liasioning for specific movement of critical or Project materials.(viz. Valve, Steel, ODC etc.) 8. Tracking of Original Bank documents and issuance the same to Transporter for transportation to GRSE. 9. Bill Passing. 10. Liasioning with Finance for passing of Transporter’s Bill, Waybill. 11. Liasioning with Sales Tax Deptt. for waybill 12. Visiting Transporter’s local and outstation warehouse/ Office for smooth movement of urgent & critical consignment. 13. Visiting Railway Station for clearance of Critical consignments. 14. Tracking of EMD & return to suppliers 15. Liasioning with production / shop. 16. Policy Making of department. 17. Manpower deployment of Deptt. 18. Liasioning with Suppliers for movement of consignments. 19. Route Planning and vehicle selection of Project Cargo. ---------------------X-------------------- Page 4 of 4