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Audience Questionnaire Feedback.pptx

  1. Audience Questionnaires
  2. What Hobbies Are You Interested In? • I asked this question to choose a topic for this project. This question tells me what my audience enjoys doing and will tell me what will appeal to them more. This will help me choose photo ideas for this project as well as help me know what to research for the subject matter
  3. Have You Used a Camera? I wanted to know how many people use a camera and not their phone. This pie chart shows how many people use a camera or if they use both a camera and a phone to take photos. It also tells me how popular a camera or a phone camera is.
  4. Do You Prefer to Use Your Camera Or Your Phone? Along with the last question, I wanted to know if my audience preferred a camera, phone or both. This pie chart shows that 70% of my audience prefer to use both a camera and a phone. This could be because you always have your phone with you so you can take photos anytime, anywhere but if it’s planned, they prefer to use a camera for professional shots.
  5. What Do You Expect From a Journey? With the theme of the campaign is ‘Journey’, I wanted to know how my audience would interpret it. As shown through the questionnaire, they believe it is a start-to-end journey showing personal growth or a destination somewhere. This could also mean a journey of learning something new or interesting.
  6. Have You Ever Used a Canon Product Before? The company that we’re working with is Canon, so I wanted to know how well known this company is. As shown from this pie chart, Canon is a well known and most used product that my audience use. This shows that this project will reach a wide audience.
  7. Have You Ever Read an Advertorial Since we are creating an advertorial, I wanted to know how well-known it was. As shown by the pie chart, 60% of my audience have never seen an advertorial so that means that I will have to create something that is appealing to the eye and will grab the audience's attention.
  8. What Draws Your Attention To an Advertorial And Why? For the 40% of people that have seen an advertorial, I wanted to know what brought their attention to it and why. As shown, it’s because of the message, the clear images, the colour palette and the font that bring their attention. This tells us that these are the areas that I need to focus on when it comes to editing the project