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SIC presentation

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About SIC Group

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SIC presentation

  1. 1. SIC Group Ukraine 
Strategy. Tactic. Result
  2. 2. SIC Group Ukraine SIC Group Ukraine is one of the leading companies providing different consulting service. We have a team of professions in political science, jurisprudence, sociology, PR management and marketing. Our company offer effective solutions using reliable methods and we are always opened for innovations. *
  3. 3. Kateryna Odarchenko Executive Partner 
 •  The political consultant •  A member of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) •  A head of Institute for Democracy and Development «PolitA» •  Has more than 8 years of experience in political management
  4. 4. Company Structure •  PR Department •  GR Department •  Social engineering Department •  Marketing Department •  Research Department
  5. 5. Services •  GR Consulting •  Political Consulting •  Business Consulting •  Internet and Social Media •  Election Campaigns •  Promotion and Branding of the area
  6. 6. Corporate Social Responsibility SIC Group Ukraine is the initiator of many social projects. We work in the development of political and social communication in Ukraine. We have organized a lot of lectures, social schools, programs in order to make our society and the sphere of political consulting more developed.
  7. 7. GR Developing Vector (First International GR Forum) Our GR Department work on the development of GR sphere in Ukraine. We initiate and organize different events where experts can discuss the most common problems. Also one of our the largest projects is annual International GR Forum. The International GR-forum is a special place where the topics related to modern business tendencies, interaction of business and authority, lobbing the interests of Ukrainian business-association on the native and international market will be discussed.
  8. 8. Comprehensive information support for clients
 •  PR (business PR, political PR) •  Event PR (conference, summit, press-lunches , press tours, etc.) •  Comprehensive information support (working with the media, design and creation of newsmakers) •  WOM, Guerrilla marketing •  Digital marketing •  Brand consulting •  Marketing and sociological research •  Personal image for politicians and corporate executives •  Anti-crisis PR
  9. 9. Our Projects in strategic marketing and research
  10. 10. Our Partnership Projects
  11. 11. Our Ukrainian Partners in media
  12. 12. Our Cases in Political Consulting Strategy. Tactic. Result
  13. 13. Our Cases in Political Consulting
  14. 14. Research & digital solution
  15. 15. Vectors of cooperation •  Organizing press-conferences •  Media outreach •  Broadcast interviews with significant international broadcasters •  Opinion editorials offered to the most influential international •  Identifying speech making opportunities •  Direct meetings with key political and business figures •  Promote a business forum •  Third party public endorsements •  Blog and social media outreach •  Building international communications strategy •  initial outreach to key government officials
  16. 16. Problem – Solution – Result Problem: the low turnout of young people in the areas during the President Elections Solution: creating the project from the young part of the party. Organizing communication via the network of agitators and volunteers which engages more than 20 thousands persons, publishing the newspaper and awarding young people with diplomas on the local events for the youth, changing the image of the local party cell leader. Result: 42% of the youth have voted, victory of the party.
  17. 17. Problem – Solution – Result Problem: low awareness of the candidate on the new constituency Solution: comprehensive implementation of the campaign with a focus on the problematic theme of the constituency (building a harmful industrial object), organization of information campaign, expert assessment of the situation, gathering a group to initiate a referendum , organizing meetings , demonstrations, discussions. Result: 8% of the personal rating of the candidate, 15,4% party rating, suspension of building the industrial object, reliable group of the opinion leaders, who sympathize to the candidate
  18. 18. Problem – Solution – Result Problem: the need to attract people to the problem of political prisoners in Ukraine , asset accumulation Solution: comprehensive implementation of the project in the capital city; the message-box was made for the representatives of the party, more than 30 demonstrations were held, more than 20 unusual creative methods of communications were implemented (graffiti, flesh-mobs, performances), the project for indirect influence and propaganda was created, the campaign of hidden political marketing was implemented – “friendly” information for the Internet users on 17 media resources. International review of the problem was organized for the effect of “backward informational wave”. Media monitoring was organized for controlling PR and press-services. Result: increasing of mentioning the problem for 24%, more than 2 million reached audience, the rating of the politicians was increased for 7%.
  19. 19. Problem – Solution – Result Problem: an essential loss in information work in the media field, the minimum budget for the campaign for the party Solution: Internet media were quite reliable and common sources of information in the city. Integral campaign work in the social networks was implemented. Several viral video were shoot for spreading them among the youth of the city. Also was organized a systematic work to hidden marketing, PR campaign. Result: 160% increased the attendance and citing resources, transited online activity into offline (taking part in demonstrations, the work of the party, elections) for 15%.
  20. 20. Thank you for attention м. Kyiv, .Shchorsa, 36 D +380442279420 +380506859559 www.sic-group.com.ua SIC Group Ukraine Strategy. Tactic. Result