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Professional Career Development Program

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Program to help accelerate career path

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Professional Career Development Program

  1. 1. Professional Development Program Kashif Khurshid January 2019
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE Provide a platform for professionals to build leadership skills and accelerate their career paths through workshops, seminars, career coaching, job search & networking
  3. 3. AUDIENCE 1. Entry Level: college grads & professionals with 1-3 2. Mid-Level: professionals with 3-7 years of experience 3. Entrepreneurship: become your own boss
  4. 4. 3 Program Levels Starting out: Getting into Job Market Role Progression: Moving up in your Role to Management Entrepreneurship: Getting the tips & resources to start on the right foot
  5. 5. Types of Activities Monthly Networking Lunches (Last Thursday of the Month) •Lunch and Learns Quarterly Evening Regional Meetups / Workshops / Seminars •Leadership Quarterly/Monthly afternoon Leadership Sessions •Panel Discussion •Individual / Group Presentation 1 Day Conference with 3 Tracks •Leadership •Entrepreneurship •Job Search Skills •Career Fair •Skills Development Workshop Career Coaching Program (6 Weeks) •6 hour commitment •Bi-weekly meetings •Plan: Intro Course Work Review and set Goals Check-in & Focus Action Plan Execution Tool Kit •Resume prep and mock interviews Workshops & Sessions •Time Management & Multi-Tasking •Public speaking & presentation development •Project Management •Negotiations, Conflict Resolution & Bullying •Networking and Leveraging User Groups •Excel Advance •Programming & App Development •Video Editing & Social Media •Digital Marketing
  6. 6. Leadership Structure Core Team members (3 max) Provide Vision and Drive Program Forward Entry Level (Team) Mid-Level (Team) Entrepreneurship (Team) ISGH oversight (to ensure its running in accordance to brand) Team Functions Program Development (Core Team to Lead) Recruiting Speakers / Talent Facility Coordination Community Outreach: Regional Support Community Outreach: Digital Support Community Outreach: Design & Media Support Program Success Team
  7. 7. Events Timeline 4th Week: Finalize Programs and Participants 3rd Week: Begin Initial Marketing •Word of Mouth •Flyers / Banners / Announcement s •Digital (Facebook) •Facebook groups (Houston Muslims) •Email Blasts •Partnerships outreach 2-1 Week’s •Continue Marketing efforts Day of Event •Send reminder
  8. 8. Activate the Community to New Heights by Developing Professional Leaders.