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  2. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth ,Rahuri Affiliated Saikrupa College of Agriculture,Ghargaon Tal- Shrigonda Dist- Ahmednagar Student Name : Lonkar Kartik Ishwar Reg No. : SAG-2019/030 Semester : VIIIth Course No. : EL-AHDS-405 Course Title : Processing of Milk and Milk Products Topic Name : Different Type of milk products Module Incharge : Prof. S.B. Gaikwad
  3. PRESENTING Classification Of Different Types Of Milk Products
  4. Classification of milk product Heat desiccated milk product Eg:- Rabri,Khoa, Pedha, Gulabjamun Barfi,Kheer etc. Heat and acid coagulated milk product Eg:-Channa, Panner, Rasmalai, Rasgulla,etc. Fermented milk product Eg:- Dahi,Lassi Shrikhand, etc. Fat rich dairy Product Eg:-Cream, Butter,Ghe, etc. Frozen Dairy Product Eg:- Icecream, Kulfi,etc. Dried milk product Eg:-SKM, WMP
  6. INDEX SR.NO. CONTENT 1 Introduction 2 Material 3 Flow chart 4 Packaging Of Ice-cream 5 Hardening Of Ice-cream 6 Yield Of Ice-cream 7 Shelf Life Of Ice-cream 8 Nutritional value
  7. INTRODUCTION Ice-cream has its origin in Europe and was introduced later in United States, where it developed in industry. It is complex food containing milk,fat,sugar,etc. Ice-cream is recent origin industry of India started in 1966. In recent year ice-cream market in India has annual growth rate about 15%. It is also good source of energy having 2-3 times high fat than milk.
  8. Material:- Milk Sugar Cream/butter Milk powder Emulsifiers/stabilizers Flavors Colors
  9. SELECTION OF INGREDIENT (SMP, SUGAR, SODIUM ALGINATE, LIQUID GLUCOSE, CREAM) Adding Milk /cocoa powder to water of 60°C Adding Sugar mixed with stabilizer and Emulsifier Addition of Cream Blending and Mixing of all ingredients Pasteurization The Mix (for 10 min)
  10. Homogenization Cooling and Ageing (12 hours at 4°C) Addition of Microcapsules and Flavor Freezing by a batch freezer Packaging in polypropylene container Storing at -20°C
  11. PACKAGING OF ICECREAM  When ice cream is drawn from the freezer usually collected in both retail and bulk containers.  Retail containers are mostly single-service i.e use and throw (eg. Parchment paper, aluminum foil, plastic coated cups, plastic cups, bars, ticks etc.)  Bulk containers are either single or multi- service (eg. Tinned steel car, soft plastic bucket) and may or may not be reusable.
  12. HARDENING OF ICECREAM  It refers to the second phase of freezing water freezing in packages is accomplished without agitation.  It is done in either hardening room or hardening tunel or hardening cabinet.
  13. YIELD SHELF LIFE From 1 litre ice cream mix we will get 1.7 to 2.0 litre of ice cream.(considering 70-100% Over run) Shelf life of ice cream at -23 to -29°C is near about 6 months.
  14. Nutritional value:- Calories -207 fat -11g Protein -3.5g Sodium -80mg Potassium -199mg Carbohydrates-24g
  16. INDEX SR.NO. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Material 3 Flow chart 4 Packaging of kulfi 5 Yield of kulfi 6 Shelf life of kulfi 7 Nutritional value
  17. INTRODUCTION  Kulfi is an Indigenous version of ice cream with Indigenous technology.  Kulfi also served with falooda, the Indian vermicelli to adjust the wetness and temperature to taste. It is nutritious frozen dairy dessert and is largely produced in the unorganized sector in very small quantities.  It is usually consumed in summer seasons.
  18. MATERIAL:- Milk Sugar Kulfi cone Salt Essence Color Cardamom powder Chopped almond
  19. FLOWCHART Reception of milk Concentration to about 20% TS Adding sugar 13%. Cooling the milk Flavouring and Filling in cones Freezing and hardening (ice and salt mixture 4:1) Kulfi Packaging Hardening and storage (-20°C)
  20. PACKAGING OF KULFI  The Bars Of Kulfi Are Wrapped In Papers And Put In Boxes.
  21. YIELD  From One Litre Cow Milk The Yield Of Kulfi Will 350 to 400 gm i.e 35 to 40 Recovery. SHELF LIFE  Generally Shelf Life Of Kulfi at -23 to -29 °C About 6 Months
  22. Nutritional value:- Calories -206 Protein -6.9g Fat -9g Sodium -49.7mg Potassium -173.9mg Carbohydrate -20.4g
  23. REFERENCE   Images from google  Outline of dairy technology , Author – Sukumar de.
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