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american art

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american art

  1. 1. American Art History 1930-1950 From social realism to abstract expressionism... By Karen Stackow, January 2010
  2. 2. SOCIAL REALISM; 1930's D FAP (Federal Art Project) was designed to promote the idea of a unified and positive American spirit during the Depression period. Baker's mural pictures the early history and industry of South County through a scene featuring fertile land, productive activities, and muscular laborers. All these representations emphasize the reward and value of hard work, which was deemed crucial to putting an end to economic hardship. Ernest Hamlin Baker's The Activities of the Narragansett Planter
  3. 3. Thomas Hart Benton, The Fieldworkers,1945 Social Realism-Regionalist
  4. 4. American Scene painters, a humble, anti-modernist style and a desire to depict everydaylife. The midnight run of Paul Revere, 1931 American Scene Painters or Regionalist Grant Wood Amercan Gothic, 1930 Family Doctor 1940
  5. 5. Grant Wood, Stone City, Iowa, 1930
  6. 6. Social Realism-Regionalist Andrew Wyeth, Magic Realism, 1940's
  7. 7. Edward Hopper • Representational; • The truth of Urban and Rural America • Effects of the Depression • Solitude, Isolation • Drug Store, 1927 • Early Sunday Morning, 1930 Gas, 1940
  8. 8. Abstraction; Late 1930's • No moral, • political, • or social agenda. • Reduction • Geometric
  9. 9. Arthur Dove, City Moon, 1938
  10. 10. Arthur Dove, Haystack,1931
  11. 11. Abstract Expressionism, 1940's Energetic • Gestural Surface • there is no subject • at all, but instead • pure abstract form Willem de Kooning, 1948 IndividualExpression
  12. 12. Ashile Gorky The Raven,1937 The Barber,19388
  13. 13. Franz Kline Black Reflections 1959