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VectorBloc Data Centres July 2016

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VectorBloc Data Centres July 2016

  1. 1. Structural Ecosystem for Modular Data Centres July 2016 Entire contents protected by Copyright. US and International Patents Pending
  2. 2. Tight stacking and racking of precision modules reduces equipment footprint and cable length, eliminates exposed interconnections and enhances thermal management
  3. 3. Because the VectorBloc system makes it easy to design and build inexpensive, stackable, rackable modules of any transportable size and load-carrying capacity, designers of modular data centers are no longer limited by the dimensions of an ISO container
  4. 4. The range of possible VectorBloc module configurations is endless High-strength HSS is used for frame construction, delivering exceptional rigidity
  5. 5. The VectorBloc structural connector delivers the strength required for multi- story, seismic structures and the precision that ensures interoperable modules which connect easily and accurately at the site
  6. 6. High strength, precision- machined steel castings include connection points that make it easy to connect modules to each other and to foundations, as well as simplifying the addition of cladding, stairs, etc.
  7. 7. Precision locating pins and gusset plates ensure accurate vertical and horizontal alignment of modules Module interconnection is done from inside the modules, so groups of modules are easily joined with no space between them. Since access to the outside is not required, cladding can be completely factory installed and modules ship weather-tight
  8. 8. The structural assembly procedure is straightforward. Modules are rigged and hoisted using the locating and shear pin which projects from the top face at each corner
  9. 9. Once set in place, the shackle is removed and modules are joined laterally with a gusset plate
  10. 10. The gusset plate is held down with flat head screws, locking the modules together, creating a level setting surface for the next module, and exposing the locating pins
  11. 11. Each layer of modules is positioned within .015” by the precision- machined locating pin
  12. 12. High strength bolts tie the module down against seismic and wind forces
  13. 13. Adjacent modules are set following the same procedure
  14. 14. Precision modules deliver flat floors with tight seams
  15. 15. Whether by reverse engineering or starting from a clean slate, VectorBloc designers create customized, easily-assembled flat pack chassis kits that suit customer equipment
  16. 16. 3D VectorJig located at VectorBloc Fabricating, Harrow, Ontario, Canada To ensure interoperability among multiple VectorBloc-based suppliers to a common site, chassis kits are built in precision fixtures
  17. 17. Flat pack chassis kits can be shipped from VectorBloc Fabricating to fitout plants located anywhere in the world
  18. 18. Shipping flat-pack chassis kits is economical
  19. 19. Pre-cut, pre-drilled decking is supplied by VectorBloc or by the customer
  20. 20. Equipment is easily installed on the pre- prepped skid base
  21. 21. To keep the work area clear, columns are installed after the equipment
  22. 22. Temporary shipping braces or permanent structural braces are added as required
  23. 23. The ceiling and overhead cabling trays are installed next. The completed structure acts like a bridge truss, resisting shipping and stacking loads
  24. 24. Cladding is installed last and can be completely closed up for protection against precipitation and dust
  25. 25. Modules hoist from the top, eliminating hoisting lugs which interfere with adjacent equipment and add to load width
  26. 26. Completed modules with equipment installed are shipped to the site. Equipment loads well over 100 tons can be accommodated by VectorBloc structures
  27. 27. Foundations are prepared in advance If required, stanchions or a grillage is installed on the foundation
  28. 28. Modules from multiple suppliers arrive on site
  29. 29. Parasolid design delivers CG to crane operator, VectoRig halo sets modules level
  30. 30. Fixed locational grid and sling-free hoisting reduces crew size and pick time
  31. 31. Modules from supplier #1 are set
  32. 32. Modules from supplier #2 are set
  33. 33. Modules from supplier #3 are set (circulation plenums)
  34. 34. Precision locating pins and gusset plates ensure accurate vertical and horizontal alignment of modules
  35. 35. Modules from supplier #4 are set (cooling units)
  36. 36. VectorBloc supports stacking to 14+ stories
  37. 37. The stand-alone data centre or data center annex is completed quickly and easily
  38. 38. The result is equipment arranged logically in the densest possible configuration, without exposed interconnections
  39. 39. View of connecting hallway ceiling
  40. 40. View of circulation plenum
  41. 41. VectorBloc can also be used for a variety of related structures such as pipe and cable racks, towers, etc.
  42. 42. High-Completion, High Density Volumetric Modular Construction For Data Centers