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Zaporizhia (facts about the city)

My natve city (presentation for pupils)

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Zaporizhia (facts about the city)

  1. 1. ZAPORIZHIA It's territory stretches for about 50 square kilometres. The city is divided into two parts by the river Dnieper.
  2. 2. ZAPORIZHIA The population of Zaporozhye is approximately 800 thousand people. Our city is then 225 years old.
  3. 3. ZAPORIZHIA There are two universities, three academies and a great number of colleges in Zaporozhye. We have here a drama theatre, the theatre of young spectator and a circus. There are many cinemas, restaurants and cafes in Zaporozhye.
  4. 4. ZAPORIZHIA You will be impressed by the ancient oak tree which is 800 years old. They say that the Zaporozhye Cossacks used to rest under its branches.
  5. 5. By the way there are not so many places of interest in Zaporozhye. But if you want to go sightseeing around the city I advise you to visit the Historical Museum on the island of Chortitsa and the Museum of Local Lore, you'll enjoy splendid sights of the Dnieper-river and of Nature reserve on the Chortitsa island
  6. 6. Zaporozhye is an industrial centre. It is famous for its steel- making plants and factories, such as Zaporozhstal, Dnieprospetstal, and other.
  7. 7. Primary it was a town of Alexandrovsk. But when the Dnieper HydroElectric Power Station the Dneproges was built here it was renamed.