juhin msc nursing masters in nursing nursing psychiatric nursing nursing management juhin justus nursing ppt role of psychiatric nurse tamil tamil slide pediatrics nursing process psychiatric disorders tamilppt newborn mental health nursing obstetric and gynecological nursing nursing notes psychiatry psychiatric therapies obg intranatal ppt pregnancy role of nurse educator nursing education role of nurse neonate community adult infant lesson plan adolescent schooler preschooler toddler growth and development development growth substance abuse psychotropic drugs anp advanced nursing practice mental health psychology diseases of newborn diseases of child pediatric nursing presentation perinatal postnatal babies congenital anomalies baby personality disorders personality addiction psychiatric nursing addiction psychiatry non pharmacological management relevance to nursing practice psychiatric theories dose psychopharmacology cne advanced nursing antenatal prenatal community health nursing psychiatric பிறந்த குழந்தையின் மலநுகர்ச்சி newborn care diseases flash cards கர்ப்பகால சர்க்கரை நோய் problems during pregnancy tamil ppt கர்ப்பக் காலத்தில் ஏற்படும் தொந்தரவுகள் labour group therapy psycho therapy suicidal gestures social withdrawal complications avoidance personality narcissistic personality histrionic personality sleepwalking disorder sleep terror disorder nightmare disorder circadian rhythm sleepdisorder sleep apnea narcolepsy hypersomnia insomnia stages of sleep sleep process sleep disorders sleep master obsessive compulsive dependent avoidant narcissistic histrionic borderline antisocial shizotypal schizoid paranoid dsm 5 classification icd10 mental health problems repeated handwashing diagnostic criteria psychopathology of ocd compulsion obsession obsessive compulsive disorder ocd kaplan sadock anxiety disorders hair pulling deliberately set fires urge to steal severe assault aggressive impulse trichotillomania pyromania kleptomania intermittent explosive impulse control disorder psychoeducation hallucinogen intoxication amphetamine phenyclidine ketamine diethylamide psilocybin hallucinogenic substances hallucinogen use disorder hallucinogen fentanyl heroin coedine morphine psycho education opioid withdrawal opioid intoxication opioid opioid use disorder inhalant intoxication whitener abuse paint abuse spraying bagging huffing sniffing prevalance of inhalant use inhalant inhalant use disorder intensive care unit psychosis management risk factors causes differential diagnosis psychopathology of delirium delirium tremens delirium anti convulsants side effects antimanic sideeffects mood stabilizers action mood stabilizers management of lithium toxicity lithium toxicity lithium anti convulsants anti manic nurse resposibility mantal health sillivan life stages milieu syntaxic mode parataxic mode prototaxic mode not me bad me good me sullivan theory harry stack sullivan interpersonal theory free association dream analysis pasychoanalysis psychosexual development defense mechanism superego ego id sigmund freud psychoanalytic theory mental health theories hallucination illusion delusion phobias circumstantiality tangentiality neologism derailment thoughtdisorder classification sideeffects maoi nsri ssri heterocyclics tricyclics mental drugs depression medicine antidepressants psychiatric drugs 96 thattvas herbal medicine for psychiatry classification of cam principles of siddha accupressure accupuncture homeopathy siddha unani herbal alternative system of medicine ayush viva osce disadvatages advantages evaluation nursing education good peer evaluation methods of peer evaluation methods of evaluation self evaluation steps evaluation types principles of evaluation role of evaluator peer evaluation self evaluation evaluation elearning professional activity self directed learning experiential learning informal learning formal learning tnnmc income principles of cne features of cne nursing advancement continuing nursing education poverty line material posession op agarrawal sc tiwari hollingshed scale wealth of index variable standard of living mac arthur scale kuppuswamy classification udai pareek scale bg prasad classification people socioeconomic status finance economics sudha nursing education unit plan sample steps in writing unit plan unit planning process principles of unit planning criteria for good unit good unit planning of unit unit plan rights of oldage mental health act persons with disabilities act constitution of india rights of mentally ill rights of psychiatry rights of aged rights of elderly rights of handicapped rights of hiv patients women rights childen rights indian penal code special groups rights law nurseslabs jeyesh pathider nursing importance importance in nursing barriers of coordination effective coordination coordination techniques effective delegation coordination delegation role of nurse administrator role of manager mba in hospital management nursing administration amyotrophic lateral sclerosis hospice care palliative care advance directives end of life care trajectory model stages of grief psychosocial aspects of aging age related changes common problems of oldage medical and surgical nursing medical nursing changes during aging aging oldage care geriatric nursing coping cope coping with death coping with loss postoperative management of mother stress stress management tamilppt rntcp public health nursing management of communicable diseases மனசிதைவு நோய் மேலாண்மைகள்nursing அறுவைசிகிச்சைக்குப் பின் தாய்மார் கடைப்பிடிக்க வேண operative care postoperative mother care mother care post operative care pregnancy problems prepregnancy postpregnancy pregnant lady gestational diabetes diabetes gynecological nursing obstetrics obg notes infantile tb colorful madurai csi jacon high quality pics பச்சிளங்குழந்தை பராமரிப்பு flex hypersensitive disease management management of psychiatry மனஅழுத்தத்திற்கெதிரான மேலாண்மைகள் பிறக்கும் குழந்தை புதிதாக பிறக்கும் குழந்தைகளுக்கு ஏற்படும் மஞ்சள் க neonatal jaundice meconium aspiration flash card care of newborn neonatal care பிறந்த குழந்தை பராமரிப்பு communicable diseases தொற்றுநோயின் மேலாண்மைகள் tb drugs காசநோய் tuberculosis fetal care pregnant lady care ladycare natalcare antenatal care preconception care preconcention கருத்தரிப்பதற்கு முன் மற்றும் கர்ப்பகால கவனிப்பு diabeties due to pregnancy diabeties mellitus pregnancy dm dm postnatal care tabular columncongenital anomalies anthropometric tabular column g&d easy finemotor grossmotor pediatric
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