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Make your press release happen with JournoLink

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Tet Kofi, JournoLink Ambassador guides you through the key markers for great PR. Journalists need you but you need to remember these essential points.

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Make your press release happen with JournoLink

  1. 1. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 1
  2. 2. A press release is like content for journalists • Timeliness : All journalists have a need for material to a deadline • News: All journalists want news – news is material that is relevant but unexpected • Not a sales pitch: All journalists hate sales pitches • Information: Journalists need all the relevant information or answers to the 6 W’s - Who /What/Where/When/Where/Why • Format: All journalists require good spelling, good grammar, a good story, quotes, and a gripping headline. • Realism: No journalist expects you to be Shakespeare, Hugo or Dostoevsky Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 2
  3. 3. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 3 Journalists on what they like… • Diverse: One size does not fit all journalists, so you have to research your target media and journalists • Relationships: They are human and appreciate building relationships appropriately with those who provide good news. • Don’t Sell, Tell! : All journalists like a story that paints pictures for them to reproduce or embellish. A sales pitch is binned and you will be remembered for it! • Don’t scatter gun, have a strategy for building your stories. • Persist: You want always reach them, but keep trying.
  4. 4. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 4 Planning and scheduling your press releases • Select your target media and key journalists • Stay up-to-date with their output via Twitter • Apply social listening: To your industry, influencers, competitors. • News Hooks : These are provided by social listening • Spend 10-15 mins a day reviewing your key media • Spend 30 mins a week with colleagues, developing news angles and news strategy • If the above happens, your Press Release will take minutes to write.
  5. 5. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 5 Developing compelling news angles • News Angles • Always ask : “So What?” • Confirm, refute, expand on the current news agenda • INSIGHT: above all your news angle should provide insight whether humorously or otherwise. • Teaser • Answer the 6 W’s in one or two sentences • It determines whether the release will be read
  6. 6. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 6 Headline and body copy • Body Copy • As short as you need to tell the story without waffle • 3-4 paragraphs • Short punchy sentences. • Expand on the 6 W’s • Add Quotes • Add pictures • Add Links in notes to the editor • Headline • Write it last • Attention getting, to compel the reader to continue. • Spend time on making it arresting.
  7. 7. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 7 Writing your press release on JournoLink 1
  8. 8. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 8 Writing your press release on JournoLink 2
  9. 9. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 9 JournoLink tools for businesses • A subscription to JournoLink gives you the opportunity to: • Send out unlimited press releases on your company activity and news each month • Request professionally written press releases for just £50 • View and follow-up on individual press release statistics indicating which publications have read and are interested in your release • Receive a variety of journalist’s editorial requests directly into your inbox providing further opportunity to secure coverage • Access to a tailored-by-sector Events and Awards Calendar to ensure content distribution is timed around popular events in your industry
  10. 10. Journolink @Journolink www.journolink.com 10 What JournoLink offers - Profile