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30-60-90 Day Plan

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30-60-90 Day Plan

  1. 1. 30-60-90 Program Plan Created By Jon Sipole jrsipole@hotmail.com Cell: 317-457-8653
  2. 2. Premise of Overview My 30-60-90 day plan is based on creating a structure for the program that will ensure a positive and fun work environment for our employees. Each department will need to work as one to provide the needed support for our company clients in relationship to Our Philosophy and our company culture. Training and Quality Assurance will be a focus to provide “World Class Customer/Client Service”, a necessity to maintain and grow our client base while making a positive impact to the company’s bottom line.
  3. 3. First 30 Days Week 1  Meet with staff members individually, and then with their Teams (all departments). Focus needs to be made on introductions, openness of communication, noting my open door policy for all employees.  Introduction to all other Department/Program Managers, it’s a Team effort.  Attend employee training program to become aware of how the program works as well as taking calls.  Review current processes, procedures and structure of the company.  Create daily, weekly and monthly reports, as needed, to monitor our program.  Review Operations, Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Training materials. Creation of a Supervisors Operations Manual, if needed, for structure and guidance.  Review history and current kpi’s against established goals.  Review history and current absenteeism and attrition numbers.  Create a weekly schedule to meet with my Staff, individually and as a Team.  Begin review of program budget.
  4. 4. First 30 Days Week 2  Evaluate Quality Assurance, Training and Workforce Management Teams processes and materials. How are all Quality Assurance and Supervisor monitoring sheets recorded to find weaknesses with Agents and Teams?  If needed, establish calibration sessions for a.m. and p.m. shifts.  Evaluate Workforce Management Team and reports being generated (as previously mentioned generation of kpi’s, namely: abandon rate, average handle time, after call work time, adherence, etc) generation of Intraday Reports as well as a Month To Day Pulsebeat Report (summary of all numbers and kpi’s) for current program status. Week 3 & 4  Define current escalation process and make improvements if needed for hot calls or other issues, such as IT.  Review current disaster plan.  Proposed and Accepted recommendations.  Create Action Plan to reduce employee attrition by 20%.  Create and Present SWOT to the program (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  Learn and understand current employee recognition and any incentive programs.
  5. 5. The Next 60 & 90 Days Weeks 5 thru 8  Evaluate the first 30 days by understanding the successes and challenges we pursued. Understand why the challenges were there, make adjustments and continue to work the problem while meeting or exceeding all kpi goals.  Learn all other departments within our company to understand their function and how they interact with each other.  Begin to study best practices within the industry.  Continue to provide updates as needed through open and steady communication. Weeks 9 thru 12  Acknowledge the successful completion of all area’s of opportunity that were undertaken and completed as a new/modified process or procedure.  Continue to look at ways to improve processes and procedures while maintaining a fun and positive work environment.