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Floss Ecosystem - Strategy approach - PhD Work

Floss (Frre/Libre Open Source Software) is a complex ecosystem. This work present a part of my PhD work about actors strategies and interactions.

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Floss Ecosystem - Strategy approach - PhD Work

  1. 1. FLOSS Ecosystem
  2. 2. Jonathan Le Lous Head of innovation (CSO) Alter Way ~ Board member April(First Free Software non-profit organisation in France) ~ PhD in Management (strategy) Toulouse University
  3. 3. PhD work● Research Management Center● IT service providers & open source● Qualitative approach● Actor-Network theory● 51 interviews● End-work in second semester of 2012
  4. 4. Open source & Free Software - Friends ? No !?... but close cousins - Free software : We work together with an ethic approach. Licensing protect this ethic. Open Source : Coopetition. Licensing protect against opportunistic business behavior
  5. 5. Business vs Ethic Private vs Publics GoodsBad IT service provider vs Friendly Editor Shadow vs White Not so easy !
  6. 6. Floss: complex ecosystem - Many organizations forms -Non-profit, business, CIO, administration, university, school, free workers... <=> contradictory objectives and approach
  7. 7. Five actors system IT service providers UsersEditor Communities Software
  8. 8. Floss communities Virtual practical communities Two levels: Ethic Yes we trust !Yes we can ! Technical
  9. 9. Users● User is not only a customer● User is not necessarily a free software friend● User can choose to be a customer only if necessary● Users are demanding (free of charge !) Thus, free software users are...normal !
  10. 10. Software Software is like a teenager : its independent (and capricious) ! Extrinsic Licensing Notoriety DiffusionErgonomicsFunctionalities IntrinsicLanguageContribution governance
  11. 11. IT Service providers Floss are not business models, they are software development models● Floss require incomes to develop software● Service is one of them but not the only one ! Ex: advertising, sponsoring, free contribution, paid contribution...● Traditional actors of service are IT service providers
  12. 12. How do they contribute ?● Service providers contribute poorly in software development because they have three categories of intervention : ● Selection ● Adaptation (basics and plug-in) ● Support to use
  13. 13. But...they consolidate the market CommunicationMarketing Events NGO sponsoringCommercial Customers interactions
  14. 14. Editor (company)● Editor is not natural in Free software approach● Editor appeared when it was necessary to develop a customer/market/business vision (CRM, ERP....)● Editor is an IT service provider specialized in software integration and support.... ...But it is in charge of software roadmap and development
  15. 15. Editor is a hard work ! ethicsfree access Community Competition demands ISP
  16. 16. Any question... ?...Hum...Not at the same time, please.... jonathan.lelous@alterway.fr Skype: jonathan.lelous Twitter / identi.ca: JollFr Blog : http://blog.itnservice.net/